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Challenge: TJ Testing Study Help
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Here's another one I was asked about.  These aren't that hard, they just require some reasoning. A tip, substitute in some numbers that work to help you see the relationships. Define your variables to help you keep them straight.
x= # boys
y = # girls       2x = y
You won't be solving, but helps you see relationship.  So think, if there are 10 girls in the class, that means there are 20 boys.  So, 1/3 of class is girls and 2/3 is boys.
Now you can move on - All of the girls are in math club so that is 1/3 or 33 1/3%.  Half of the boys, so half of 2/3 is 1/3 or 33 1/3%
Add 33 1/3% + 33 1/3% and get 66 2/3%, D
Posted by sartordl  On Sep 22, 2016 at 7:23 PM 5 Comments
In the study guides there seem to be a few converting questions. Even if not asked just to convert, you might find it easier to solve a problem by converting so numbers can be compared in the same form.  Here's a quick reminder:

So, one of the example problems.
Name a percent and a fraction that are both equivalent to 3.025

a). 3.025% and 30 1/4                  b). 30.25% and 3 1/40
c). 300.25% and 3 1/4                  d). 300.25% and 3 1/40
e). 325% and 3 1/4

Remember - It can be overwhelming seeing all the answers - convert to % or fraction and eliminate the answers it can't be. Then convert the other way.

3.025 as a fraction: 3 whole and put 25 over 1000 as last digit is in thousandths place    3 25/1000 simplify  3 1/40
3.025 as a percent: move decimal to to the right   302.5%  THIS is NOT in answers - answers are in error (yep, it happens).

Posted by sartordl  On Sep 22, 2016 at 6:44 PM 3 Comments
This blog is for those studying for the TJ admission testing and have questions we are not currently covering in class. Post questions here, either type in or insert as a picture, and I will solve and give an explanation. 
Posted by sartordl  On Sep 19, 2016 at 3:35 PM 13 Comments