Ms. Hogan

Hi everyone, 

I hope this email finds you all well.  We have some clarification about how to handle things from here on out.  :o)  

Each Monday, the lessons for the week will be posted. This will NOT be a virtual lesson.  You do not have to be available from 8:30-10.  Math lessons will be available to all of you that will have various learning activities from which to choose.  You can work on these at your leisure.  Please spend NO MORE THAN 90 minutes per week on these activities. 

Here is a helpful calendar for you to see!  

I will be available to you Monday through Friday from 8am - 3pm.  

Every Tuesday, I will be available for Office Hours from 12:00-1:30.  I will probably be setting specified times for each period and will keep you posted. You can reach me by email, Chat on MS Teams, or by calling or texting 703-951-3726.  

I have included LOTS of information in the Useful Links Folder.  

An Excel spreadsheet is posted that will link each of the 6th grade and 6th extended objectives to IXL objectives.  There will also be a link to a Khan Academy lesson.  (Courtesy of Mr. Boynton) 

If you have questions about IXL or Study Island, please take a screenshot of the problem so I can know exactly on what you are struggling.  

I am here for you.  Please know that.  

I miss you all and am sending a virtual hug to you all.


Ms. Hogan