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Lisa Virag
Constellations Social Studies Teacher

Social Studies schedule for the remainder of the year.

Social Studies

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10:00-11:30 am

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Dear Constellations,

You are almost a 7th grade student! Can you believe it?

This is it! You did it! You almost finished 6th grade Social Studies! I have one last assignment for you, and it is all about you! You cannot possibly miss this one!!!

Please download and enjoy the PowerPoint I made for you. It is in the weekly folder for this week and in the email I sent you!

You have one final task to do. Follow the instructions on the 6th Grade Monumental Achievements PP and send your slide of achievements back to your teacher. There isn’t anything to look up or study, cause that slide is all about you! Your Social Studies teachers will put all the slides into one PP and send it to all the 6th grade students and parents. It will be like our own little yearbook. As expected, must be school appropriate! 

I can’t wait to see your slides!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, Mrs. Virag



Greetings Constellations and Parents,

I hope this finds you all doing well! Just a few more weeks until summer. I am proud of those of you are still doing your work! Keep up the good work.   

This week we are learning more about George Washington.  I have attached the lesson to this email and I have added it to the folder for 5/25-5/29.

Miss you! Mrs. Virag

Weekly Lesson

Greetings Constellations and Parents,

This week we are reviewing the American Revolution Unit. We have a google map with some awesome links for you to explore.  I have attached the lesson to the email I sent out,  and I have added it to the folder for 5/18-5/22.

Don’t forget to study! We need to beat the Galaxies (AKA Gassies) this week on Kahoot. We need to beat them, so they can't call us the Constipations anymore. Have it up and ready, as we will only have time to play one time! We are making 4 Zoom meetings this week since we are combing classes. Your invitation to our Zoom meeting is in the email I sent you! Hope to see you all!!!!!  You may also see some friends from Mr. Parry's class!

Hope to see you Friday! Mrs. Virag


Greetings Constellations and Parents,

I hope this finds you all doing well.  Tomorrow is the best day of the week again! Social Studies Day! Once again, we have found some fun ways for you to review.  

This week we are reviewing the American Revolution Unit. I have attached the lesson to the email I sent out, and I have added it to the folder for 5/11-5/15.

Hope to see you Friday on Zoom! Mrs. Virag


Greetings Constellations and Parents,

I hope this finds you all doing well. It seems like it has already been a year since I have seen your cute faces! We will be meeting on Zoom this week, not teams! I know a few of you went to Teams last week and were surprised we weren’t there!  I have a fun surprise for this week’s Zoom. We are going to try to play Kahoot. Instructions for Kahoot are at the bottom of this email I sent out. The lesson is also attached to the email and in the weekly folder for this week. 

This week we are reviewing the Colonial unit.  

Hope to see you Friday! Mrs. Virag


****** The Zoom invitation and meeting time for 5/1/20, are at the bottom of the email I sent Wednesday night!!!!******

How is everyone doing? I see some sunshine coming up in the weather, and that makes me happy!

The lesson for this week is on Explorers and we’ve brought in a bit about pirates for fun! It will be posted on 4/29/20 by 9:00 pm.
I think you will be surprised by some of what you learn. This definitely takes you deeper than what we had time to study in class.  I have attached the lesson to the email and it is in my folder for this week on my teacher page. I look forward to reading your responses.

I am going to hold Zoom meeting on Friday. I am going to combine 1st and 2nd period, and then 3rd and 5th period.

These are the discussion questions we will talk about.

5.1.2020 Zoom Discussion Questions:

Look at a Hard Day's Work Section:

1. What does it mean to be impressed? Why would captains impress people?

2. Discuss one advantage and one disadvantage of having sailors on your ship who have been impressed.

3. What part of the sailor’s diet sounded most appealing to you. What part sounded      least appealing to you?

4. What is 1 fact you chose in your cause and effect? What was the effect of the fact you chose?

Scurvy, Seasickness, and Slime Section:

5. What are three possible causes of death for the explorers?

6. What is 1 fact that you chose? How was that fact similar and different to something in your life?

7. Explain this analogy: The Corona virus is to people of the United States as European diseases were to Native Americans.
Ignominious Ends Section:

8. Which explorer did you choose for your research? How did they die?

I hope to see you in our Zoom! Have your lesson with you to help answer the questions.

Miss you all!!! Mrs. Virag



Greetings Constellations,

I hope this finds you all feeling happy and healthy. As promised, this is scavenger hunt week! I have two optional scavenger hunts on Native Americans for you to choose from this week. You can find the lessons in my folder dated 4.20-4.24 I also attached both options to the  email I sent for your convenience. Option 1 is completely online, but you must use a computer. It does not work on a phone, and probably not an Ipad. I do not have an Ipad to test it out. Option 2 has a short review video to watch and a scavenger hunt to complete on paper. You do not have to do both, but you can if you wish.

 I want to remind you that all make up work and retakes are due April 24th!  Email me if you have questions. 

I will not be hosting an online meeting as a whole group this week, but I am available to help you during office hours. If you need help during office hours on Friday from 12:00-1:30. You can email me to set up a time. You can also email me during office hours and any other time, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Miss you! Mrs. Virag




Constellation’s students we are back and more excited than ever to continue the educational process!! I hope that you have had a restful Spring Break! We miss you all and look forward to working with you.


Thursdays have just been elevated to the best day of the week! Thursday is the new Social Studies day.   I will be sending out an email on Wednesday night with the directions for Thursdays class.


As always, I will be posting everything here on my website and you will get a small preview of what is planned for Thursday.


Please check out this week's preview.


Wednesday night I will be sending out an invite for a 15-minute virtual class meeting this Friday. This will come to your school email. I cannot add the link here due to safety precautions. Please join us!!!!


I will ask you three questions during out first virtual meeting.

  1. How are you?
  2. Do you have access to technology to meet online with me?
  3. What is something positive you are doing to help pass the time? Let’s share ideas.

*Appropriate school behavior should be practiced at all times*

Two lesson choices on Geography will also be provided this week. These assignments are optional.


I would you like you to focus on submitting or redoing any assessments and assignments that you do not have a grade for or would like a higher assessment score. I will provide alternative assignments in place of any materials that I do not have access to here at home.


I hope everyone has a wonderful
spring break! 
I will be back online April 14th!!!
Spend time with your loved ones!
No homework, no assignments, no worries! 
Be safe! 
Mrs. Virag


We have confirmation that the 3rd 9 weeks is still open until April 24th!!! You may redo an assignment, or retake a test that will increase your grade! I CAN GRADE IT AND ENTER A HIGHER GRADE NOW!! I have received only few requests to redo tests or make up work. I have sent either that exact assignment/test or an alternative assignment/test to those students. I do not have copies of everything at home, but I will find an alternative for you! I am here to help you!! Please email me if you want to redo something. Check your Student Vue, and please don't wait until April 23rd. 

I also want to request you to send me pictures of your journals, creative projects, posters, etc.... that I challenged you to do. You are living through an important historical time right now. It was optional, but I would like to share it with other students. Send me pictures, your thoughts, poems ( I have one awesome poem already!) videos, etc... I will try to figure out how to get it all in there! Be sure to only send things that you are okay with other students seeing! 

I miss you all! Mrs. Virag


Hope this update and answers to FAQs finds everyone doing well. I am fine, just miss my students and colleagues right now! I have a lot of information for you today. I am going to break it up into categories.

We will be taking off Spring Break dates April 4-12, 2020.


Is it too late to redo or turn in make up work? NOOOOO!! Please do by April 24th.

Do this first!!!!! If you have make up work, or need a retake a test.:

  • Look to see if you still have the assignment.
  • If not email me for a copy. I may have to give an alternative assignment if it is not on my home computer.
  • Send me the completed assignment either in a scan, word doc, or a picture. I will update the grade by April 14, 2020.
  • If you need to retake a test, you must email me. I will have to give you an alternative test for it.

    *****Test retakes must be done by April 24, 2020*****


    What if I forgot my password?:

    Go to this link and follow directions to reset it.


    Where can I get help?:

  • My Documents Folders on my teacher page.

    New Lessons Folder

    Helpful Links Folder

    Unit folder with PowerPoints, notes, etc…

  • You have access to your purple textbook. Link is in my Helpful Links folder

    Link to our textbook:

    Login: MMS1

    Password: 20136S

  • Marsteller Web Links- remember, I have shown you this many times!
  • Email me!
  • Google it!


    Where can I find my assignments?:

  • I created a folder called Weekly Lessons on my Teacher Page! Look in the files saved by date! I will send emails every time I update it too!
  • I am hoping we get to meet online soon! Waiting for further permissions from the district.


I miss you all! Wash your hands and be kind!


Sincerely, Mrs. Virag 

How do I access my textbook from home?

Link to our textbook:

Login: MMS1

Password: 20136S




Hello Bulldogs!

The second week is now coming to a close. How are you all doing? I have heard from some of you, but would like to hear from more of you! Email me! We are doing well here in my house. A bit stir crazy, but making it work. Lily is thrilled to have me here all day, and snores by my feet while I work.  

I have added a lot of review materials to all the units in my documents folders at the bottom of this page. Do not try to do them all. Pick and choose the ones that you feel you most need to review. There are PowerPoints, assignments, and video clips. Use as needed! 😊

If you are participating in the historical journal challenge that I posted, or you would still like to do it. Please read the quote above. What good news can you add to your journal? What stories of people doing amazing things to help are out there? Send me pics and links of what you find!

I hope to have more information for you next week, as to how we finish up the last three units. We are waiting for PWCS. I think they are going slow, so we have a good plan in place.

Miss you all,

Mrs. Virag


Greetings Parents and Students,

These are unprecedented times right now, and we are all going to be learning and adapting as we go.

This year I have been using the HUB to send emails with assignments, study guides, and unit plans to all my parents and students.  We have now been asked to provide our previous unit standards and review materials on our teacher pages. I have most of that already in my folders, but I am currently adding a few things. I am also cleaning out some old stuff from previous years. I will send out an email when all is updated.

This year we have looked at various historical journals as primary sources. I have challenged your children to start a historical journal for future generations to learn about this time. They can do this in an actual journal or a spiral. Here are a few links of some cool ideas for journals. They include pictures and news articles. They are more multimedia than the journals we studied from the 1700s. They also might give them a place to share their feelings, as I know most of us are having a myriad of feelings these days.

Ungraded learning resources and activities are found in the folders below by unit!

Unit guides and Standards of Learning are in the folders as well!


Look in the unit folders at the bottom the page!

Timeline of units taught and tested for 2019-2020 school year


Unit Guides/Standards of Learning

Taught and Tested



Unit 1- Geography

September 9, 2019 – October 3, 2019

Unit 2A- Archaeology

Unit 2B- Native Americans

October 4, 2019 – October 11, 2019

October 15, 2019 – November 8, 2019

Unit 3 Exploration

November 12, 2019 – December 19, 2019

Unit 4- Colonial America

January, 2020 – January 28, 2020

(Christmas Break December 21-January 5)

Unit 5- American Revolution

February 3, 2020 – February 28, 2020

Unit 6- New Nation

March 4, 2020- ????

Unit 7- Westward Expansion

Not done

Unit 8- Civil War

Not done


Thinking of you all,

Mrs. Virag

August 2019

Greetings to my new students and parents for the 2019-2020 school year.
For my class students will need:
1) 1.5 or  2 inch binder
  2) 3 folders with prongs
3)  basic 
pencil pouch supplies needed for all classes (scissors, glue, etc...)

I set up a documents folder for copies and a calendar for major due dates.
I will paste copies of  most of the work we do whenever there are not copyright issues.  
Please email me if you have any questions! 

How to Set-up Calendar Alerts:
If your child is in my class, and you would like to receive email alerts for items posted to my calendar, you may view step-by-step directions here:

Use this link today 11-19-19,12.18464,281.88559577a,25175275d,35y,0h,0t,0r/data=CjISMBIgM2VlNGIxYjAyZjZjMTFlN2JiN2U5ZjRiODliYmUwZGUiDHBic19hb2VfbWVudQ

Link for 12/5/19

Link for 1/9/20



Link for 2/3/20


Link for 2/11/20

Link for 2/18/20
Boston Massacre


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