June 1st, 2020

Dear Students and Parents,

This week you will have much to review in Unit 4, Multiplying and Dividing Fractions And Practical Problems.   Unit 4, like all the review, are in the Year in Review folder.   Please work daily on the lessons in the Power Points to include all the links directing you to practice.  The 6 worksheets in the folder are the same as the ones attached to the links in the ppt.  Also try all the online lessons.   In addition, don't forget to look over the extensions required of the extended students.  You can be reminded of them by look at the simplified curriculum list in the folder below.  However, you can also ask me for specific extended lessons.

We are almost to the end.  Remember that next year you will be expected to recall how to do everything in units 1 through 5, at the least.  So I will add unit 5 back now to look at one more time before the end of the year.   You may email me with request for further practice or lessons.  You will have IXL available all summer to continue your review in 6th grade and an introduction to 7th grade.  Feel free to go to the 7th grade IXL through out the summer and do some from each lesson, maybe up to 60%, if possible.

I am always happy to see you out in our neighborhood!   Get off the game systems and step outside for fun, fresh air and vitamin D.

Yours truly, Ms. Morgan


In Advance of May 25th,
Please find the Week 6 folder in The Year In Review folder.  This new week has lessons on Order of operations.  Use these lessons for the week May 26th through the 29th.   Remember, as Extended Math Students, these reviews are lessons that you will be required to know as you begin the 7th grade year plus the extended objectives!  The extended objects were on the page a couple of weeks ago.   If you would like to see them again, please email me.
Take time to study and get out in the sun, away for those digital games,
I miss you, Ms. Morgan

May 18, 2020
Dear Students and Parents, 

The next two weeks is a good but simple review of order of operations.  To perform order of operations correctly, you must know and understand the processes or operations of exponents, powers of 10, square roots and integer rules.  So, that is where we will begin.  Below in the YEAR IN REVIEW folder, you will find the folder Unit 3 week 5.  Please check and do the lessons in this folder by Thursday.    THEN, on Thursday, I will add a lesson on integers and practice to go with it.  

Next week (6), you will be ready for the review on order of operations, all part of Unit 3.  You should also go to the correlating IXL on these subjects, proceeding as far as you can in each.  Remember, that these reviews are expectations for next year.  In turn, these reviews are not preparation for what you will learn next year.  No, rather they are PRE-REQUISITES. 

A note of advice:  The extended math students must be at A level with the units provided in the Year In Review folder.  This means, you should be able to accomplish at least to 90% in the IXL that covers these topics.  I suggest you do so now in the spring, then through the summer, keep practicing at least 20 minutes a day, 5 days per week, in the 7th grade IXL.   

Please look at the folder below that has a list of what should be accomplished in the extended math class.  Then understand, that this list actually entails a lot of skills.  For example to accomplish order of operations, you need to know many other skills first.  Another example, the use of order of operations is performed backwards when solving for a variable in 2 step equations.

Email me with all your requests.

Take time to study, take time for sun, take time away from those games,

I miss you, Ms. Morgan

May 13,
Dear Students and Parents,

This message is being edited on May 14th to make note of the suggestion made to me that I should not add lessons that were not covered in class thoroughly, and are not part of the Math 6 department team offers for the YEAR IN REVIEW during the school closure. 
Therefore, I have removed the many folders below.  Please feel free to email me with your inquiries on lessons, grades or suggestions. 
As a very helpful procedure for daily learning to review and to advance, I highly suggest the use of IXL and Study Island.  Go through all the topics in 5th, 6th and try 7th grade, but don't stress to a high score in 7th grade.

Thanks,  Ms. Morgan

May 11, 2020

Dear Students and Parents,
In the file labeled Unit 2 week 4 is the lesson and practice of the standard chosen for review by the department. I will add more practice during the week for more advanced studies.  Please try out the practice added below, the 7th grade teachers are expecting you to recall these operations.   You should practice math 20 to 30 minute a day.   
I miss you!
Ms. Morgan

May 3, 2020

Dear Students and Parents,
You will find activities for this week with enough to stem into next week if you choose to do only one a day.  Go to the folder below named Year in Review and inside this find week 3.  This week you will review the conversions between fractions, decimals and percents.  There is a power point which can be the Monday activity and 8 worksheets with answers for plenty of practice.  If you take the lessons for only 20 or 30 minutes a day, you will extend this lesson through next week.  I did include the suggested IXL topics for this subject in addition.  Next week, I will add to this even though there is already enough there.  That being said, remember not to work to the point of stress and all work is optional practice that will not be graded.  Please email me with any questions.  
Enjoy the practice.  This week maybe a bit chilling, but get out and receive the Sun's vitamin D at some point during each day.

Thinking of you and missing you!  Ms. Morgan

April 27, 2020
Dear Students and Parents,

Please look in the file below named Year In Review, Week 2.  You will find plenty of activities for reviewing Units and Unit Rates.  There is a extended math exercise of just 8 questions, reference with 7th grade, with answers that you should attempt to understand.  I will try to add other review later this week on a different topic.
Have a great week.  Ms. Morgan

PS: I have added PowerPoint #4 Circles: area and circumference in the Unit 6 Geometry Folder below.

April 20, 2020
Dear Students and Parents,
See below the new file called Year In Review.  Inside this will be folders for units 1 through 4. k These optional lessons will be added only once per week.   It is best for me to do this on Sunday nights so that it is available to you are times that are also optional to you.
On Mondays you are offered activities in math and email messages from me.  
These offers of optional activities are chosen by the 6th grade math department. 

Therefore, this first unit of offers include material that I have already offered you, based on previous school plans for optional lessons.  You will find the information and activities as different new presentations.  They include some fun activities of coloring and a game.  In addition it includes an optional avenue of review using IXL and Kahn's math with a specific list.  

  **If you want to practice math every day, which I suggest, then use the options on the bottom of this page in the files.  OR, go through the entire curriculum on IXL 6th grade to a score that you are comfortable with.  Then go to the 7th grade IXL and start there, again, with the score objective that you are comfortable with.

I truly miss all of you and hope you are all staying active, happy and well,
Ms. Morgan

April 2, 2020
Dear Students and Parents,
In the Geometry folder below,  I have added two more lessons, first, area and perimeter and second coordinate plane.
Please read through these in the presentation mode to enjoy the proper affects of the lesson.
I hope all of you are well and at peace.
Take care,  Ms. Morgan

April 1, 2020
Dear Students and Parents,

I have created a power-point that has  a few fun jokes, math puzzles, and 12 Virtual Disney Rides.  Find this here on my webpage.

Important:           Recall that Geometry is the new unit which will eventually have some form a grading involved, when they tell us how they want it.   So, soon I will be adding a folder for the second lesson of Geometry, the second unit for review and a folder with the textbook lessons that go with Geometry.  For this textbook folder, I would like to hear from a few parents on what you think of me putting the answer files in the textbook folder.  Would you prefer to receive the answers by email to parents only, or would you like the immediate reference of having them on the web page in its own file?  

Just to make it clear, the folder is ready with a copy of chapter 8 from the textbook, a file several worksheets, and then answer files for the textbook and for the worksheets.  Later will come, assessments that the book authors created.  Now, in addition to this textbook folder, I will continue the option to learn from the power-points with reference assignments embedded, from IXL and from study island.  Later, we will figure out how to do the assessments.  

Have a great afternoon, Ms. Morgan


March 31, 2020
Dear Students and Parents,
I have added the files below so that you no longer have to go to the Math 6 page nor use any links.  More work will be added tomorrow.  There is much there already.  Please be sure to stand up and walk around sometimes.
Take care, Ms. Morgan

March 30, 2020

Dear Students and Parents,
I am supplying the first of several lessons in our new unit.  The power point found in the folder called "Geometry" of the 6th grade math web-page  has the first lesson.  This starter lesson is extensive and will take  3 to 5 days to complete.  You should spend approximately 20 minutes a day on each subject, math, language arts, social studies, science, music and so on. 
So for math, I would first go through slide 25 which include videos and online practice.  This could take two days, maybe.
The following lesson would include slides 26 through 29 which includes IXL practice.  Last finish up with slide 30 through 57 with more IXL at the end.   
Please email with questions and let me know if this takes longer than I thought. 

Stay Safe, Ms. Morgan 

March 24th

Dear Students and Parents,

Lessons and practice work will be provided in order that it was present during the year, except for the online work being provided today.

I am attaching the practice work that I sent by email to each of you yesterday.   You will find this work and updates of the work at the Math 6 page.  The work to upload is time consuming so I will see if it works to have you go there.     There will be plenty to choose from for optional learning and more to come.  I am also attaching new work today.  Don't try to accomplish this in a short time, just keep going back to it.  

Today's new work is an avenue of learning provided by a number of sources on the internet that I recommend.  I will name it online learning, it will include sites for learning on youtube and worksheets with answers.  This covers almost the whole year and provides review for next year as we would have seen after the SOL test was accomplished.

You will find all the work on the Math 6 page down where the folders are attached or you can try these links here.




 Stay safe, Ms. Morgan

March 13th
Students and Parents, we will be sending some work home for practice and review in preparation for the math SOL.  I firmly encourage that you utilize the IXL program daily.  Review the 6th grade curriculum as far a you can in each and every section application.  The ones that you have not experienced in class will teach you as you go if you stop and read the notes that are given after each incorrect answer.  You are welcome email me for further notes or explanations on any problems.
I may send more notes and practice worksheets through email for self taught and review.  
Stay safe, Ms. Aguanno-Morgan

Welcome to Math 6 Extended

Just a brief overview of the the way math will go this year:
You will receive updates by email, however, I am placing a file with the unit plans on my web page.  These plans will be updated with changes to accommodate student needs.  
We won't have a set routine for all activities, however, most days will have a warm up, a lesson that leads into class activities and practices.  Most of the year, the students will have a quiz once a week and a test at the end of every unit.  Quizzes are formative 2 grade  and do not allow for retakes.  The test will be divided into standards of learning and each of these divisions will have its own test score.  These tests can have a retake, but only if the student kept up with all the graded work prior to the original test date.