April 29, 2020


I hope you all are doing well and staying safe.  Keep working on your Virtual Vacation. Tues., May 5, 2020 TEAM MEETINGS will be a mini lesson with  a Lab associated with it. The lab will be with simple things you have around the house. After the explanation, I will post a worksheet to go with the labs.

I have labs that I will be doing mini lessons on the TEAM meeting time. The times will remain the same unless I find I need more time for explanations and questions.

TEAM Meetings willremain on  Tuesdays; 1st pd 10:00-10:15am;

2nd pd 10:20-10:35am; 3rd pd 10:40-10:55am; 5th  pd11:00-11:15am.



April 14, 2020



Miss you.

Hope you’re all staying healthy and safe.  I’m working on a school computer since mine froze up.  As we all know, they are very slow!  I’ve been working on trying to video cam some helpful instructions for our next activity but have not yet been successful at being able to create videos and save them to a file to show.

Our assignment/activity is Planning a Virtual Vacation. This is broken down in time dated chunks for you. It is a vacation that will last 1 week.  I’m posting the entire assignment along with the dates below.  This is a wonderful time for you to think about places you would like to go and things you would like to visit/see.

Have fun with it.  I will keep trying to do the videos and will be getting all the makeup work grades posted and emails answered.  I had so many since my computer had not been useable for a long time. It really shows me/us how dependent we are on all this technology, especially under these unusual conditions!

Ms. Brunson

We will be meeting on Microsoft TEAMS  TuesdayApril21, 2020.

1st pd 10-10:15am;  2ndpd10:20-10:35am;   3rd pd 10:40-10:55am; and 5th 11:00-11:15am.  See you then.

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