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Mr. Fuerst
Enrichment Instructions .pdf
This Weeks Learning:
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Due June 11th. 

Option #1- Obj. 1e,g & 6c,d5 Ponds Press (PDF version of Textbook)
Review Pgs. 132-142  “ROARING 20s, SOMBER 30s “
Complete Pg. 145 #1-7


Option#2 - Watch the following video and summarize what you learn in a creative way. (your choice)

Required – The Great Depression (14:26)

Additional videos to gather more information:

Roaring 20's (13:11)

Politics and Economics of 1920s and 1930s (22:12)


Option #3- Then Vs. Now

Compare and contrast how much life cost in 1930, compared to today, by using the Then V. Now worksheet.

Start by visiting  Click Here for Calculator to see an inflation calculator.

To help understand inflation, do some internet research on inflation in America.

For the worksheet, you will locate current prices of everyday grocery items, so you will need to print or find electronic copies of current grocery store ads.  You can research current prices online or using grocery ads from store flyers or newspapers.