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Video message from Mrs. Fennell

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We have a new virtual schedule we will be following starting April 14 until the end of the school year June 12. 

On Sunday evenings, I will continue to send out my weekly email.  All assignments will be posted to Canvas by Monday mornings.  I will be posting power point/videos and assignments for you to work on at this time.  It may be a worksheet or something to do online or a mix of items. 

On Tuesdays, I will have office hours from 12:00-1:30.  I will either have a video conference with each class during this time or I will post a video for each class on Canvas at that time.  This is a great time to reach out to me individually with questions, etc.  

I am available all week for assistance, questions, concerns, etc.  The 3rd quarter officially ends April 24.  Any new work will not be graded but I will give feedback.  I will not be teaching new concepts but have listed the targets not covered this year on each page for your specific subject - check it out!

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This is what we have left to learn in Math 7 extended that will not be covered this year per county regulations.  I have listed the IXL objectives that correspond to each of these targets in parenthesis below.  Check it out if you want to see what we would have learned at the end of the year.

Unit 8. Geometry
Target 1: I can translate a figure & determine the coordinates of a figure that is translated  (IXL P6, P7)
Target 2: I can reflect a figure & determine the coordinates of a figure that is reflected  (IXL P8, P9)
Target 3: I can dilate a figure & determine the coordinates of a figure that has been dilated (IXL Q2, Q3)
Target 4: I can identify vertical, adjacent, complementary, & supplementary angles (presented online via powerpoint & Teams, IXL O13)
Target 5: I can find the measure of a missing vertical, adjacent, complementary, and supplementary angle (presented online via powerpoint & Teams, IXL O14)

Unit 9: Measurement
Target 1: I can find surface area or rectangular prisms, cylinders, cones, & square based pyramids (IXL T9, T12, T13)
Target 2: I can find volume of rectangular prisms, cylinders, cones, & square based pyramids (IXL T8, T10, T11)
Target 3: I can determine the. surface area or volume of rectangular prisms if one measure changes by a specified scale factor 

Unit 10: Probability & Statistics
Target 1: I can determine the theoretical & experimental probability of an event (IXL EE1, EE3)
Target 2: I can determine if an event is dependent or independent & determine the probability of it happening (IXL EE7, EE8)
Target 3: I can represent data in a box plot and draw conclusions given a box plot (IXL CC14)
Target 4: I can represent data in a scatterplot, draw a line of best fit, and make inferences given a scatterplot (IXL CC15, CC16)

On this page you will find important information for 7th Extended Math.  This includes due dates for important items and dates of tests.  I also upload files that are of importance to you as well for the unit we are currently learning about.

*Extended Math 7 Placement:
Students enrolled in Extended Math 7 complete half of the 7th grade AND all of the 8th grade curriculum; hence three years of math is completed in only two years. This class is considered advanced and with it comes high expectations! Students will take the Grade 8 SOL test in the spring. With successful completion of this class, a passing SOL scores and a teacher recommendation, students will take Pre-AP Algebra I their 8th grade year.

Are you receiving my weekly emails, sent out on Sunday evenings? If not make sure you update your information in Parentvue.  This will keep you in the loop for everything that is happening in math class!

Rules for Retakes

  1. ALL assignments for the unit must be completed and you can have no NHI’s, INC’s, or absent work!
  2. You must complete remediation.
  3. Retakes need to be completed within 2 weeks after the test is returned.
  4. Retakes need to be completed during FLEX time.
  5. Fill out the online form sent to your email.

Do you want to do retakes for the Unit 1 test?  You need to see Mrs. Fennell to get the remediation and then fill out the online form to let me know which targets and which date(s) you plan to do the retake: