Hello Tiger Students!
I miss everyone and hope you all are being careful and safe. A new folder (Home Math Support) has been added that includes extended math curriculum pacing guide, slope resource from our last classroom week, OPTIONAL SOL math review, and other activities. 

In a few days I will try to upload Microsoft Teams/Forms and Flipgrid to provide support and feedback. 

Take Care!
Ms. Hunter

                 Current Unit - Functions and Slope

                            *Extended Math 7 Placement:
Students enrolled in Extended Math 7 complete half of the 7th grade AND all of the 8th grade curriculum;hence three years of math is completed in only two years. This class is considered advanced and with it comes high expectations! Students will take the Grade 8 SOL test in the spring. With successful completion of this class and a passing SOL scores, students will take Pre-AP Algebra I their 8th grade year.

                       *Supplies Needed for Class: 
-Agenda or device (Ms. Hunter/Marsteller/PWCS are not responsible for stolen/lost/damaged devices)
-Notes Container (the official name of the spiral notebook) 
-PENCILS (must complete ALL math assignments in pencil)
-GLUE STICKS           - Notebook paper           -Colored Pencils               - Pens (assignments must be graded using a red/pink writing utensil)
-Expo Marker 

                *Classroom Assignments and Achievement Scale
Suggested Homework=given at the beginning of each unit;not graded
Target Review=graded homework
IXL= online math practice
Quick Check (Quiz) = sectioned and graded per target(s); low grade may be replaced by a higher unit concept check grade
Unit Concept Check (Test) = sectioned and graded per target(s);students may retake any section(s) ONCE
Achievement Scale
-Advanced = 87% or higher
-Proficient = 86% - 77%
-Approaching = 76% - 67% 
-Fail = 66% or lower 

Initial value