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Password Help Chart


Office 365/School


Click on Password Self-Service from theInformation Technology Department PWCS webpage.


Students will be prompted for their username, student number/ID and date of birth to reset their passwords.



Study Island:

(Make sure to login for school, not home)


Username:First Initial period last name period msms





or Student ID if bulldogs doesn’t work



User Specific- Email teacher for username and password reset

Read Works:


User Specific- Email teacher for username and password reset


Online Articles and Daily Practice

  •*10 practice items daily if you don’t have a reading subscription
  •*daily news articles for tweens
  • www.khanacademy.orgsubject specific strands for daily practice and preparation for future PSAT, SATS, ACTS, etc.



Online Book Access Suggestions:

Book Recommendations:





SIGNET Enrichment:

For optional enrichment, check these links:
tinkering guide



For any questions, please email us

For more information, check the Gifted Education page of the Prince William County School web site.

***Students should check the SIGNET webpage often as it is being updated regularly with new optional opportunities.



Learning Support for Reading/Writing:



Reading Strategies:

• For assignments, number the paragraphs (on the passage or on a piece of paper).

• While reading, after each paragraph write the main idea or key word (on longer pieces, you can write the main idea after each chapter).

• Use what you wrote for each paragraph/chapter to write the main idea for the whole piece.

• Highlight where you found your answers/evidence to support your conclusions/answers.

• For questions, don’t look at the answer choices. Think and write your answer then match it to one of the answer choices.

•At the end of each section, make a prediction for what will happen next and evaluate whether previous predictions were correct.



• Make an organizer (fold a piece of paper hamburger style twice and then open)

• Turn the prompt into your thesis statement (take out the word it is tellingyouto do, and there is your sentence starter) or (take out thequestionword, and the remainder of your sentence in the sentence starter)

• Thesis statement needs __, __, and __.

• Thesis statement, detail paragraph 1, detail paragraph 2, detail paragraph 3, conclusion


Example:Doyouthinkyoucould go one month without using the Internet?

Ido not think I could go one month without using the internet because ___reason 1__, __reason 2__, and __reason 3__.

Name______________________________ Date_______________

My Editing Checklist

Directions: Answer each of the following questions by putting a check (R) in the “YES”, “NO” or “Corrected” boxes.






1. Did Ire-readmy writing to check for mistakes?

2. Did I start each sentence with acapital letter?



3. Did I end each sentence with aperiod, anexclamation point, or aquestion mark?

4. Did Ispace my wordsandwrite neatly?



5. Did Iindentat the beginning of eachparagraph?

6. Did Icircleany words that I think are misspelled?

7. Did I use aDictionaryorask for helpspelling words?



8. Did I useadjectives and strong verbsin every paragraph to adddetailsto my writing?

9. Did I tell “WHO?”,“WHAT?”,“WHEN?”,“WHERE?”, “WHY?” and “HOW?”?



10. Did Iask someone elseto read my writing to check for mistakes I might have missed?







Library Resources and Information




Overdue Books

Therewon't be any kind of late fee. Please hold onto the books until further notice.




MMS Databases

  1. Click on the library link on the MMS web page
  2. Click on the Databases link on the left-hand side
  • Biography in Context -is a comprehensive database of biographical information on more than one million people from throughout history, around the world, and across all disciplines and subject areas.


    Password: schools


  • Brittanica School -Discover encyclopedia articles, multimedia, primary sources, games, and other learning resources that support student research and reinforce curriculum standards.


    Username: mms

    Password: bulldogs


  • Culture Grams-is a leading reference for concise and reliable cultural information on the countries of the world.


    Username: princewmr

    Password: county


  • Image Quest-brings lesson plans, assignments and projects to life with over three million images from 62 leading collections…and growing.


    Username: mms

    password: bulldogs


  • Worldbook Online-contains thousands of informational articles with stunning illustrations, videos, interactive maps, research help, and activities.


    Username: wbsupport

    Password: distancelearn


  • There are also resources listed in theMMS Destiny Catalog.
  1. Click on the library link on the MMS web page
  2. Click on Destiny Catalog on the left
  3. Click on Library Catalog