Good morning everyone!!  Hope you had a long weekend.  This week we are going to look at the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum including light.

You an start by watching two short brainpop videos, the login is marsteller and the password is bulldogs.



Next,  a presentation on EM waves and a notes sheet that can be completed.

Finally, there are two worksheets on EM spectrum and light.

I will send out answers tomorrow along with an invitation to a Zoom meeting.

Remember all materials can be found in the waves folder


Hi everyone!!

I am going to do things a bit differently this week.  We will not meet via Zoom this Wednesday but please email me if you have any problems or questions,  I will still email out the answers for the worksheets Wednesday morning.  I am going to attach a link to the presentation on sound waves that has my audio in it along with a PDF of the presentation that can be found in my document container under waves. 

Start by watching the brainpop on Sound  Login-Marsteller  PW- bulldogs  https://www.brainpop.com/science/energy/sound/

Next, you may use this link-   https://pwcps-my.sharepoint.com/:p:/g/personal/harrisjp_pwcs_edu/ESnBWDlSCaFNrvAz70Ua7ugBru-ITj-gTN4rqwxiUfAVCg?e=c1Te5r             
to listen to me as I go through the presentation on sound or look at the pdf copy in the document container along with the notes sheet.

Lastly, please complete the worksheet on sound  in the document container.

Again if you have any questions please make sure you email me!!!

Have a good week and stay well!!!!


Good Afternoon Everyone, hope you all are staying well!!

This week we are going to look at general properties of waves.  You looked at this in 5th grade but we will try to go into a little more depth.  

Start by watching a brainpop video on waves- https://www.brainpop.com/science/energy/waves/

The login is marsteller and the password is bulldogs

I am attaching a note sheet and presentation about waves, their properties and interactions.  It has a lot of information some of which you were exposed to in the past but some is new.  You can fill in the note sheet as you look it over. 

Then watch the following videos to help better understand the information they all are fairly short.




I am also including a QR code activity.  If you use your phone's camera to focus on the QR code it will take you to a vocabulary word that had to do with waves, read and record each of the vocabulary words.

The last thing is a waves cut and paste, you may choose to draw your own and write in the different parts of each type of wave.

I will send out an invitation for or Wednesday Zoom Wednesday morning!!



This week we will look at work and power.  I am going to include a link to a website that has some activities you can do with forces.  We will use this website to do a virtual lab at the end of the month but a simulation on electricity. 

Start out by looking at two brainpops, one on work and the other on power, login- marsteller and password-bulldogs



I am going to skip over simple machines but feel free to watch the brainpops on those too.

Next look at the presentation on work and power.  I am going to attach a link with audio that I embedded or you can just look at the one that is in the work, force and motion folder without audio and complete the notes sheet.  https://pwcps-my.sharepoint.com/:p:/g/personal/harrisjp_pwcs_edu/ET2K1_GpRlhDstdYwkHx1a0B3nv-kkDf_OQq0yu8A1uVdQ

Then there is a what is work reading and question worksheet.  

Finally there are 10 work and power problems to calculate, remember to use the triangles to help in solving.

If you have any spare time you can explore the forces with PHET simulations, here is a link-


Don't feel like you need to print it all out.  You can do on your own paper.  If you have questions please email me or save it for Wednesdays Zoom, up to you!  I will send out an email Wednesday morning to students about the zoom meeting!!



Hope everyone is doing well!!  It was great seeing you all last week and hope for a better turn out this week.  I will send the Zoom link out Wednesday morning along with answers to the activities that I am attaching to this email on forces.  I will break up the Zoom meeting into two groups, periods 1,6 and 7 (12:15) and then periods 4 and 5 (1:00).

Please don't feel like you need to print everything out,  only the pages that need to be filled in.  Everything can be found on my messenger page at Marsteller website.

This week we will be looking at forces including friction and gravity.  Start by reviewing 2 Brainpop videos, one on Forces and the other on Gravity.  The login is marsteller and the password is bulldogs.  Here are the links-



There is one notes sheet attached along with two presentations that go along with it (Forces, Gravity.)  You can fill in the notes sheet while reviewing the presentation.  I tried to make them shorter and more to the point.

Then there is a WS- Reading- forces assignment with questions to answer on the last page and finally a worksheet on force diagrams.

I will send out answers to the sheets Wednesday morning along with a link to the Zoom meeting.  If you have an questions please feel free to email me and I will get back with you or be prepared on Wednesday's Zoom meeting if I think it may be difficulty to explain over email.

Good Luck and Stay Well!!

4-13  Hope everyone had a wonderful spring break!!

This is going to be a bit lengthy so I apologize!!  

We met as a staff yesterday and were given some directives from the principal Warner.   I will be sending out a science assignment each Tuesday Morning by 10:00 and I will be available to meet Wednesdays between 12:00 - 1:30.  I will respond to email at other times but that is my "office hours", I am going to try and do a Zoom session during my office hours each week and I will include an invitation for the first one at the end of this email.  If I find that I have too many kids then I may break it up into a couple of sessions or by class.  

The week before break we looked at motion and speed and this week we will be looking at acceleration.  In the work, force and motion folder there is a presentation and a notes sheet.  Please look over the presentation and complete the notes sheet, it is fairly short and simple.  But pay attention to the equation and the sample problems on the presentation.  Solving these are a bit tougher than the speed problems but if you really analyze the samples I think you will understand. 

Once that is complete you are going to watch a brain pop video.  The login- Marsteller and Password- bulldogs should be used to access and here is a link to the acceleration video.  https://www.brainpop.com/science/motionsforcesandtime/acceleration/

Lastly, compete the acceleration problems  worksheet found in the work, force and motion folder. 

Good luck and if you have any questions please feel free to email me.  There is no need to send me a copy of the assignments.  This year's grade is based on 3 quarters which will be averaged together.  This work will not be graded but is a good idea to complete since many of you have aspirations of taking physics in high school.  If you need help please email me or you can ask questions during the Zoom session tomorrow.  I will be sending answers to the problems tomorrow morning to students only for you to check your answers.

4-2  Today I included answers to the problems that you were to solve on speed, it is called motion and speed answered.  If you have any questions about how I got to the answer please let me know by emailing me.  Today and tomorrow we will continue to do some problems on speed distance and time and we will look at distance/time graphs.  The following should be completed by Monday WS- DST word problems, distance time graphs A, and WS- DT graphs B. 
Please be sure to notice how the distance time graphs are set up with time on the x axis and distance on the y.  You should be able to make and interpret these graphs along with being able to understand what type of motion the graph is depicting depending on the slope of the line.  
I will send out answers on Monday, if you have questions please send me an email!!

3-31   Good day to all!!!  Today you can fill in the blank notes sheet (motion and speed notes) that goes with the power point (Describing and measuring motion.)
I am also going to include some speed distance and time calculations.  The formula can be put into a triangle to solve for whichever unknown you need to solve.  It is similar to the way we went over the density equation.  Complete the notes today and the problems tomorrow.  I will send out answer to everything Thursday along with a new assignment:)  If you have any questions please email me, I check it regularly.  

3-30  Today I have added a document to the work, force and motion folder that should be completed.  It is titled WS-Reading Motion & Speed.  It is an introduction to our next unit.
Please do not send me completed assignments yet, I will send out the answers to the assignments and if you do not understand something please reach out to me.   I will be adding another assignment tomorrow:)  

3/25  I have added some practice work and along with notes that I sent out yesterday I hope students can complete them.  I also requested that all students bring their textbooks home over the last few days we were in school and that could be used as a reference.   The heat worksheet, and heat transfer practice are stand alone but the HW phase change lab also needs graph paper which I have included.  I will email answers on Friday to each of the assignments.

Thank you!!

I hope everyone is doing well!!   We are currently in the middle of our energy and heat unit.  I will be sending documents that we were going to use in class as far as notes go and they can be accessed in the document container here on messenger.  It was my intention to test prior to spring break as noted in the unit plan.  I will follow up tomorrow with some other activities that students may complete.

Welcome to Physical Science!!  This year we will be studying basic chemistry and physics.  There will be an SOL test at the end of the year that covers 6th grade science, 7th grade science and what you learn this year.  It is important that you are able to think like a scientist.  It is my goal to spark an interest in science and help you develop good reasoning skills.  Given a set of data you should be able to draw a logical conclusion and make connections to things you already are aware of.  

Units we will cover this year-
1.  Scientific Investigations
2.  Matter
3. Atoms and the Periodic Table
4. Chemical Bonding and Reactions
5. Energy and Heat
6.  Work, Force and Motion
7. Waves
8. Electricity and Magnetism

Good luck and I look forward to a good school year!!