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Welcome to 8th Grade Virtual Language Arts!

3rd & 5th Periods ~ Extended
4th, 6th & 7th Periods ~ Traditional

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March Information, Dates & Agenda

During this unprecedented time, below is what you can do as optional work for the week of March 23rd while you await the most recent news updates:  

Week 1 3/23 to 3/27 8th G Language arts



Student Action


Vocabulary words for week 5 are under “files and documents”, in the folder “unit 5”. Review each word per your class period.

Write a definition and complex sentence for each of the words per your class period.
Email your document or a picture of your work to me.


Read your book (graphic novel)* or online reputable news for 20 min. or more

See activity


Newsela articles:

·       "Workforce: Women outnumber men"

·      " Women soccer players file suit"

·       "Virtual tour of museums"

Login to Clever via your Office 365 credentials.

Read the following articles on Newsela and follow the instructions listed for each one.


Read your book  (graphic novel)* or online reputable news for 20 min. or more

See activity


Do something helpful for your family.

Organize or clean out a closet, bookshelf or area of the garage.

 *Reading an actual book/ebook is preferred, but audiobooks are the next best thing.

All missing work (NHIs or NEs) must be submitted by 4/21 in order to count for this quarter's report card.

If you need anything from me or have any questions, please email me at:

*You may email 24/7, but responses will be sent only from 8am to 3pm M-F. Please allow for an extra business day for response as well. Thank you! 😊