Hi all,  as I wrote on my main page.  If you would like to take a picture of your fitness log that was due March 19 and email it to me, I'd be happy to grade it. (however, if this is not possible, it's ok)   For now, please find some time to be active some how some way.  I know I'm taking a walk each day, doing push-ups/planks and many curl-ups.  I know for me, it helps relieve some of the stress we all are dealing with right now.

f you feel up to it check out my homework page for some exercise ideas and health resources.

8th grade 8/26-29  Orientation
9/3-9/9  Physical fitness
9/10-9/20 Tennis 8.5A  8.5B
9/23-10/1 Soccer  8.3A 8.4A
10/4-10/11 Family Games  8.4.C
10/15-10/25  Softball  8.5C
10/28- 11/8  Football  8.1C
11/11-11/15 Ultimate Frisbee  8.1C
11/18-11/22 Fitness Testing
12/2-12/6 Health 8.1J
12/9-12/20 Basketball 8.1H
1/6-1/11  Health 8.1 I
1/13-1/24 Volleyball 8.1j
1/28-1/31 Health 8.1K
2/3-2/7 Floor Hockey 8.2D
2/11-2/14 Team Handball 8.2B
2/18-21 Health 8.1A
8/24-2/28 Badminton  8.5.B
3/2-3-6 Jump rope and Dance 8.1B
3/9-3/13 Fitness Testing
4/14-4/28 Speedminton  8.5.B