Welcome to FACS!  


It is Monday again and time to think about a new FACS assignment.   This week we will be designing our own home.  There are several different options to choose from.  The simplest design is an included pdf. To print and color in your favorite colors and then assemble.  There is a video that gives detailed instructions to assemble.  All you need is some type of adhesive and scissors.  The other choices allow you more freedom.  They involve using blank paper and adding furniture and coloring.  One video even illustrates pop-up furniture.  Try your hand at designing your future home.  

A new recipe has been added as well as a gardening project below the recipes.  Your teachers are interested in your work and would love to see pictures of what you are doing.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.  We miss your smiling faces and humor.  

As usual, you will find the assignment by clicking the link below labeled FACS One Note go to the section labeled COVID19

Today the Governor announced that school will be closed for the rest of the year.  This truly saddens my heart for two reasons, first of all, my son is a senior and we do not know what this will mean for his graduation ceremony.  Secondly, I will not be able to see your bright and smiling faces again this school year.  To my 8th graders, I wish you all of the best as you begin your high school career.  Sixth and seventh graders, I will see you again next year.

I have created a new tab in my Family and Consumer Science OneNote that is titled "COVID19."  This section has weekly pages where I will assign work for distance learning.  There are also many projects that are within the one-note that you are welcome to try.  Please click on the FACS OneNote link below to find the assigned work on a weekly basis.  I may use Flipgrid after spring break.  Stay tuned.  I am looking for fun and engaging ways to help you further your knowledge in this unprecedented time.  The most important thing right now is to stay healthy, and give yourself and everyone else some grace.  In the end, we will all be get through this event and be the stronger for it.  Relax and be kind to one another!  I miss you all!