Hello Students! I am so sad that I will not see you for the rest of the school year. The good news is: you can keep practicing the life skills we have been working on in class! Isn't that great news? You can continue too cook, bake, organize, clean, and heat healthy. Remember the six nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy and My plate, where you can find the five food groups and how they should be grouped on your plate for healthy eating. Keep in mind how to keep your food safe to eat, and how to keep your hands and kitchen the cleanest it can be! Manfreed is a great reminder! He has a ton of videos on YouTube; just type his name in. Food Safety Guy also has a lot of great reminders about how to keep food safe to eat. If you need a reminder about how to wash hands properly, especially now, the Hand Wash Rap says it all! I will post these links below for you to view.  The great thing about nutrition is that its something we can practice wherever we are, at home, at school, everywhere! Please stay safe. I miss you. I'm thinking about you. Enjoy time with family and I am looking forward to seeing you next school year :)

Please  keep cooking, baking, and safely experimenting in the kitchen! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or would like to send me pictures of your student cooking and having a blast in the kitchen. I'd LOVE to see them.