I want you all to be safe and keep reading!
You may be bored, but reading can take you to far off places!

Please know that I want you all to be safe and free from harm.

I have a page for you to find all of the essential items you will need during Covid19 closures and for you to complete work. I will send you the information, link, and password to this page.

If you have difficulty with getting on to, you can find all of the information on the web. You can go to the teacher pages, 7th grade, 7th grade English Department (file). Here you will find the lessons for the week. The difference here is that you have to be reading your own book. On padlet, I will be reading you a book and providing mini lessons on different types of material for review.  Lastly, you will submit any work you complete or make up to me through Office 365 for either site. You can snap a picture and send it to I will then send you an email back with feedback.