Directions for Week of 5.4.20

Before Reading: 1) Video-Build your background knowledge 

Watch the video to learn more about how the Olympic Games first started. 

2) Video- Review Summarizing. 

During Reading: Genre: Nonfiction Topic: Sports, Culture Format: In The News

1) Read In the News: Toykyo 2020.  On the left hand side of the screen will be a box with options.  In this box you can click between three different reading levels and “text to speech” to have it read to you. 

2) Use the “Pause and Think” questions to help you think about a summary as you read. 

After Reading Activity: 


1) Complete the “Tokyo 2020” Writing a Summary page, attached.  

2) Take the “Tokyo 2020” Quiz, attached.

If you download the Office Lens app you can:

    - take a picture of the worksheet and open it in immersive reader to have it read aloud

    - open it in a PDF and type, highlight, etc. on the document

    - email it to me