So sorry for the delay, this year we had over 66 girls try-out for the team.  Thank you to all who participated, congratulations to the following girls on making the team.  
miller arianna 6
horan julia 6
jordan leah 6
elmore morgann 6
ibrahim arwa 7
bailey alexis 7
bilal maysa 7
dombo danica 7
howard mckenna 7
sweeney cheyenne 7
hartle sydney 7
nemerow michaela 7
hostutler mya 7
wise akeira 7
negron ella 8
wing sofia 8
derose samantha 8
mccoart claire 8
wolford riley 8
vigo brinell 8
shaffer bailey 8
tweneka-kodua jeanelle 8
schroeder madison 8
Again thanks to everyone for the effort and I encourage you to find a club or travel organization to continue to pursue volleyball.  
Any question please email Mr. Kibler at kiblerss@pwcs,edu



Dates: Aug 27th, Aug 28, Aug 29


Time: 2:55-4:55


Paper Work: Current Physical, Proof of Concussion, Blue Emergency Card


Equipment/Dress: Athletic Shoes, shorts, tee shirt (knee pads are optional)


Process: I will evaluate all of the girls individually and on the last day will observe their serves.  The girls will be evaluated on proper form, current skill level, accuracy of passes, and volleyball knowledge.  A minimum of 18 girls will make the team.

All players are expected to be at all practices by 3:00 ready to practice
3 non excused absences will result in dismissal from the team (school, family and medical appts. are excused)
Rides need to be here at 4:55 every day.
Unsportsmanlike conduct towards players, coaches, and officials will not be tolerated and will result in loss of playing time. (1st offense=1 game, 2nd removal from team.
Games: Start @ 5:00
Playing time is not guaranteed
Players and Parents need to be respectful towards all coaches, players, and officials
Players will dress up on game days, dresses are encouraged, and however nice pants (not jeans) and blouse are fine. Dressing up does not excuse you from PE; you need to have proper shoes and clothes for PE
Middle School Volleyball is best of 3 matches, there are two Match Games A and B
A Game: Is the official game of the night, any player playing in the A game will not be eligible for the B game
B Game: Will always be played second, any player who does not play in the A game will be eligible to play in this game.
Contacting Coach:
My email is kiblerss@pwcs.edu If you need to contact me to let me know about your child’s appts. or events where they may miss practice please do so; leaving early for another team practice is not excused. Please do not contact me about playing time, as I will do what is best for the team depending on the circumstances.

Thank you for allowing your daughter to participate, I look forward to a wonderful season. I hope you all come out to support the Marsteller Volleyball Team. Please keep an eye on the Volleyball School Fusion page for updates.
Coach Kibler

Team Contacts

Kibler, Stephen
Email: kiblerss@pwcs.edu