Mrs. Finch's Quarentine Reading Picks:
*Counting By 7s (Realistic Fiction- Fantastic Book! I would rate this 8 out of 10)
*The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (Historical Fiction- My favorite book. This book is about the Holocaust. 10 out of 10!)
*The Giver (Fantasy. A classic and a must read. 9 out of 10)
*Resistence (Historical Fiction- Female Main Character in World War II standing up against Hitler. Quick read, action packed. 8 out of 10)
*The Boys In The Boat (Sports/Historical Fiction- slow start but good book about perserverance. 7 out of 10)
*Breakout (Realistic Fiction. Written in a varietry of styles which keeps it interesting while prisoners are on the loose and the town is on lockdown. 8 out of 10)

Writing Prompts:
***Every writing prompt should have a topic sentence, a simple sentence, a compound sentence, a complex sentence, and a conclusion. Check to make sure you indented at the start and used correct capital letters, periods, and spelling!
*If Mrs. Finch were to quit teaching, what other career would be a good fit for her?
*What are three things you want to do this summer?
*What animal represents you best? Explain. 
*What makes a good teacher?
*Should teenagers have a cellphone? Defend your position.
*What works well with virtual schooling? What does not work well in a virtual school?
*Should students be assigned homework? Defend your position.
*If you could have three wishes, what would they be? (Don't pick more wishes- that is lame)
*If you could have any superpower, which would you choose? Why?
*Should schools have a dresscode?
*Who was the best US president?
*If you could grade your teachers, what grades would you give them? Why?
*What is your favorite outdoor activity? Why?


SOL Content Taught To Date:
Quarter 1

Parts of Speech
Fiction: setting, character, plot, conflict, theme, point of view (7.5A, 7.5B, 7.5D)
Simple Sentences (7.7M)

Quarter 2
Inferences (7.5I)
Compound Sentences (7.7M)
Main Idea and Detail (7.6G)
Research (7.9)
The Pearl/Freak the Mighty Novel Unit
Complex Sentences (7.7M)

Quarter 3
Public Speaking: Martin Luther King Speech (SOL 7.1)
Text Features and Structures (SOL 7.6A and 7.6B)
Phineas Gage
Debates (SOL 7.2 and 7.3)
Context Clues (SOL 7.4E)
Fact and Opinion (SOL 7.6D)
Author's Purpose (SOL 7.6E)

SOL Content for 4th Quarter:
Figurative Language (SOL 7.4C)
Imagery (7.5G)
Roots, Prefix, and Suffix (SOL 7.4B)
Compound-Complex Sentences