Jennifer Southerland

Severe/Profound Intellectual Disability
Welcome to Room 1302!

Hello parents! I hope everyone is remaining safe and practicing social distancing as much as possible. I am very excited to start the new year with each of you (even if some are going to be through a screen)! 

This is my 6th school year at Marsteller Middle School. I have a passion for all kids and have found my place in the severe disabilities classroom. I love each child like I love my own (let's be honest, sometimes more than my own :). I strive on doing what is best for them and what will allow them to grow and become the best individual that they are capable of being. I look forward to having open lines of communication with each student and parent. We are a team. I am always here, not only for the student but for the parents as well. I am open for suggestions, thoughts, concerns and/or needs that your family or child may have or that may pop up throughout the year. Together as a team, we can make it through the year (and hopefully many years together) in one piece and stronger on the other side!

If you have any questions, concerns, or needs please contact me via email (


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