In the folder that is Listed as ELearning and Review for COVID-19, you will find some material for review. The documents in this folder is practice of preciously taught concepts.  None of the items are requires to be done, but they are a great way to stay current until we return to school!  If you have any questions as you work through the material, email me!  Thank you!!!

Below you will find the a list of all topics covered this year as well as videos from WHRO for each unit.  These will be good review if you feel you need review.  I will update with more activities as we get more direction from the state and county.  

Unit 1  Linear Equations and Line of best fit  WHRO Linear Equations Playlist
Unit 2  Writing Linear Equations  WHRO Writing Linear Equations
Unit 3  Solving Equations  WHRO Solving Linear equations (topics 1 - 5 only)
Unit 4  Systems of Equations  WHRO Systems of Equations (topics 6 - 10 only)
Unit 5  Intro to Polynomials  WHRO Operations on Polynomials (topics 1 - 6 only)
 WHRO Exponents (topics 1 - 3 only)
Unit 6   Functions and Graphing Quadratics   WHRO Function Relationships
Unit 7   Solving Quadratics   WHRO Exponent Division (topics 4 - 7 only)
 WHRO Factoring (topics 7 - 11 only)

This is the page for all PREAP Algebra 1 information.  In the files below, you will find the unit guides, assignments, and blank notes for each unit.