Check out the Document Container at the bottom for Unit Guides or project files relating to each unit. If you have any questions please email me at Drewa@pwcs.edu 
So far, we covered some really big units like:

Scientific Inquiry (SOL 6.1 a-j),

Astronomy (SOL 6.6 a and c and 6.8 a-i),

and most of Weather (SOL 6.3 a-d, 6.5 b-d, 6.6 b, d-f.).


But there's a lot that we haven't covered such as the rest of weather  (SOL 6.3), water ecology and watersheds (SOL 6.7), water chemistry (SOL 6.5 a), water quality and water borne diseases (SOL 6.5 e-f), chemistry (SOL 6.4 a-g) and energy (SOL 6.2 a-e and 6.9 a-d).

At this time, students do not have any work that needs to be passed in. However, any work before we were sent home can be made up and passed in. Please email me if you have questions.

NHI's will not count against you but you can still bring up your grade. SO, DO IT!

We left off in Weather getting to the real gritty dangerous weather like Thunderstorms and Lightning, Hurricanes, and Tornadoes! So, we're going to pick up right where we were.

But this time, you get to be the teacher.

That's right, Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Porter, Mr. Stringer, it's your turn!

And it's your turn too even if you didn't ask me to be the teacher for a day.

You will be teaching your parents all about 6th grade Science!

To be the teacher you have to be smart and know what you're teaching. Please be patient. Remember, your parents haven’t been to school in years!

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