1.  Go through Powerpoint
Torres context clues power point for distance learning.pptx

2.  Print or look over notes

3. Take Quizizz on Context Clues

Take Quizizz using notes if needed
Quizizz Codes
Period 1-522241
Period 2-869666
Period 3- 518918
Period 5- 808811
*You can retake this to get the score you want

Things to Remember- These are ungraded learning opportunities. You are welcome to go back and redo any assignments that you would like
to improve your grades. If it is a Quizizz assignment email me and I will send you a new game code.

Office Hours- Thursdays 12:00-1:30. You can email me or reach out to me via phone or text at 703-957-9425.

Want to do some more?
You could use the Spring Writing Bingo to do some writing in your journal.
Listen to Mrs. Torres read Unbound (posted on Teams)
Answer some of the questions about the book you are