It's Virtual Back-to-School Night!
Psst!  It's just like regular back to school night, but you don't have to wait forever to get out of the parking lot!)



Mr. Bowman and a praying mantisWelcome to Mr. Bowman's Page!  I'm in my ninth year at Marsteller and 7th year of sixth grade science. I have also taught 7th and 8th grade science at Marsteller.  I love space, weather, and chemistry the most, so that's why I like teaching 6th grade the most! I'm looking forward to teaching you about these and many other topics in class this year. Science is all about asking and finding the answers to our questions about the world around us, so if you have questions (even if they don't relate to what we going to talk about in class this year), please ask!  I love when you have questions and it's an important part of class

Before I came to Marsteller I taught at a special school for troubled kids, but even before that I was involved in Information Technology (computers) where I supported users before becoming a network engineer.  In my spare time I like to play volleyball and disc golf.  I also like to cook and do jigsaw (and other) puzzles.

I look forward to working with students and parents this year. If you have any questions about class, or about what we're learning, please email me at