Arrrghghghgh!Welcome to Mr. Bowman's Page!  I'm in my eighth year at Marsteller and sixth year of sixth grade science.  I have a background in computer networking and made a career switch about a decade ago.  I love space and weather (about half the sixth grade science curriculum!) and look forward to working with parents and students this year. 

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Below this line is what was active BEFORE the COVID-19 shutdown
Weather Unit!


Students will investigate and understand:
Natural processes within the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, and on Earth’s surface including:
- the motion of the atmosphere and the oceans;(6.3c)
- cloud formation;(6.3d)
- the role of thermal energy in weather-related phenomena including thunderstorms and hurricanes. (6.3e)
Structure and Dynamics of Earth's Atmospere, including
- Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity (6.6b)
- Atmospheric Changes with altitude (6.6c)
the relationship of atmospheric measures and weather conditions (6.6e)
basic information from weather maps, including fronts, systems, and basic measurements (6.6f)
We will also review the concepts of Atmospheric structure that were covered as a predecessor to the Solar System Unit

Key Summative Grades (may) include: 
Questions on Clouds, Cloud & Precip Quiz, Weather Map Questions, Weather Systems Review, Weather Comics, Virtual Vacation, Weather Survival Booklet, Heat Bands Map, Hurricane Review, a Thunderstorm article and questions.
Up Next: (dates TBD due to COVID-19 uncertainty)

We'll finish Thunderstorms, move on to Snowstorms/Blizzards, then tackle Tornadoes and Hurricanes.

Note: I was all set to announce the date for our Weather Unit Test, but given the current uncertainties, we'll work that out when we know more.  We have some flexibility because in addition to storms, we will review Atmospheric Structure and work on Weather Safety. Stay tuned for updates!