Ms. Brunson's 2020 Back-to-School Night Video!



GOOD MORNING 6TH GRADRES AND PARENTS/GUARDIANS.   I'm Ms. Brunson your  Science Teacher.  Just a little info for you to get to know something about me.  I love dogs  and other animals.  As a kid, I was always adopting stray animals (FYI my mother never appreciated that  HaHaHa) .  I graduated from Ohio StateUniversity with a B.S. in Education and a B.A. in Psychology.  I have an M.ED. from Wright State University in Ohio. We moved to Virginia 27 years ago.  I love this area because we have so many wonderful museums and historical sites. We are also close to beaches and mountains.  I don't love the traffic here , but nobody does.  With everything in this world,  there are advantages and  disadvantages.  It's a good thing to appreciate the advantages we have and learn to endure the disadvantages with out a lot of complaining.