Dear Parents, Guardians and Students, 

Welcome to my Math class - - again!   You will find activities for the week of March 30 - April 3 in the folder below.  These are suggested activities to keep you learning Math.   They will be reviewed, but will only be counted as a grade if you would like for them to replace a previous grade.  If you have questions about a problem, please email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  

Stay Healthy - 
Mr. Wark

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Seventh Grade at Marsteller Middle School.  My name is Mr. Wark and I am your child’s Math teacher.  I look forward to a wonderful and enjoyable school year working with you to empower your child in the study of building mathematical information concepts.

My primary goal is to help students not only learn basic mathematical concepts that will lead their abilities to continue on higher level courses such as Algebra, but also pass the Standard of Learning test that they will take at the end of the school year.


Textbook:  Big Ideas Math (Course 2)


  • The textbook for this class is new.  The cost for replacing this book is expensive, and we will be using this book almost everyday.  Please put a book cover on your book.


Curriculum:  Seventh grade level county curriculum


Methods of Instruction:

Problem Solving         Textbook Reading      Discussions    

Class Work                 Note Taking                Group Work


Summative Assessments: 80% of the Grade

Unit Tests (broken down by targets) (80%)                     


Formative Assessments: 20% of the Grade

Quizzes, Warm-ups, and  IXL (15%)

Homework (5%)



In seventh grade we will continue to use the letter grading scale as used in sixth grade.


A   - 90  to  100 – 4.0

B+ - 87  to    89 – 3.4

B   - 80  to    86  - 3.0

C+ - 77  to   79  - 2.4

C   - 70  to   76  -  2.0

D+ - 67  to   69  – 1.4

D  -  60  to   66  – 1.0

F   -   0  to   59   -    0




For this class, students will be graded on the following system:


Assignment                                                                             Value of Category


Summative 1  (Unit Test)                                                                45%

Formative 1   (Quizzes)                                                                  15%

                            (Weekly Warm-ups)                                           


Formative 2   (Homework Graded Assignment)                     5%      

                            (Homework Grading Effort Only)                                 


Quizzes will be given when assessment is needed.  Most of the time, they will be announced in advanced; however, there will be some pop quizzes.



Homework takes a very important role in mathematics.  Students need to practice the materials that they learn in class in order to be successful in the course.  All homework assignments are due on a daily basis at the beginning of class.  For students who would like to retake part or all of the unit test, late assignments will be accepted until the day before the unit test is given.  For students who choose not to retake, all late homework is due two weeks before the end of the marking period.  If a student is absence from school, the student will be given appropriate time to complete the missing assignment(s).  It is the student’s responsibility to check with me to get the missing assignments.

Retake of Unit Tests:

Students will be given the opportunity to retake their unit test given that they meet two requirements:

  1. Students must complete all assignments assigned during each unit by the day before taking the unit test.
  2. Retakes will be given during Flex (advisory) time.

Agendas were given to each student.  All assignments should be written in the agenda not only to help your child with their organizational skills, but also to help in monitoring your child’s progress.   Students and parents may go on-line to see the assignment for the night. 

Supplies Needed:

Students will need the following materials for my class:

                       White loose-leaf paper

                       Number 2 pencils (No Pens)

                       Pocket Folder

Bringing necessary materials to class is important part of participating.