Welcome to our class's web page! I'm happy you are here.

This page will have resources to help you students and parents on their home learning journey.

If you have questions or if there is something you would like to see on this page please contact me at Anthonkj@pwcs.edu. This way of learning is new to all of us so any feedback would be appreciated. 

If you look in the documents section there is an instructional calendar that shows you which topics were covered prior to school closing (in black)and which topics were planned for later in the year (in orange). Please be aware that you will need to click on the 2 at the bottom of the documents section to see all the folders.

The documents section also contains folder that matches to units from prior to school closing. Each week a folder will be added for suggested optional activities for that week. I will also be adding a general science enrichment folder in case you are looking for other things to fill your time. 

Updated Information (Tuesday April 14th)
Our Virtual School House: Every Tuesday morning at around 10:30 students will receive an e-mail with their assignments for the week and any other important information. These assignments will also be posted in teams and available in a folder on this web page. Ms. Anthony will also be hosting zoom classes during her office hours on Wednesday afternoons, see your weekly e-mails for invites.  

 Grades for 3rd quarter are being finalized this week. 

While remote instruction is continuing there will be no 4th quarter grades this year. Grades for the year will be calculated by averaging the grades from marking periods 1,2, and 3. If students are not satisfied with their grades they do have the opportunity to complete and turn in remote assignments until the school year ends in June. Students demonstrated improved mastery before the school year ends in June will have their final grades for the year increased. Students should contact Ms. Anthony via e-mail if they have questions about their grade or opportunities to improve their grade before the instructional year ends.

If students have completed or redone any original assignments and can send Ms. Anthony their assignments electronically they can replace a grade.

To redo either the Onion Mitosis Lab or the Yeast Respiration Lab Students may complete and turn the remote corn lab (look at the folder on this page) and they will receive the higher grade. Please note you need to turn in both the word document and the excel spread sheet.

Cell Models: Can be completed or revised electronically and turned in. 

Formative Assignments: Any home learning assignment that is turned into Ms. Anthony will be used to increase/replace grades on formative assignments. Ms. Anthony will automatically choose the assignment that will improve your grade the most. One distance learning assignment = one formative grade. 

Parents and students should e-mail Ms. Anthony (anthonkj@pwcs.edu) if they have questions or concerns about their grade.