Welcome to Physical Science!!

Back to School Night!


I will be navigating us through this adventurous year, in science class anyway.  This is my 26th year teaching and 13th in Prince William County.  I started my teaching career in the City of Alexandria and don't miss the commute one bit!!  I graduated from Radford University and earned a Master's degree from George Mason.   I have one son that is in college and two step-sons one of which just graduated from high school and the other is a sophomore this school year.   My wife is a meeting planner so I get to go on cool vacations sometimes while she works and I enjoy.  In my free time, I love to exercise!!  Whether going to the gym and lifting weights, paddle boarding, or hiking.  Being outdoors taking in nature is important to me.  I look forward to getting to know each of you!!

This year we will be studying basic chemistry and physics.  There will be an SOL test at the end of the year that covers 6th grade science, 7th grade science and what you learn this year.  It is important that you are able to think like a scientist.  It is my goal to spark an interest in science and help you develop good reasoning skills.  Given a set of data you should be able to draw a logical conclusion and make connections to things you already are aware of.  

Units we will cover this year-
1.  Scientific Investigations
2.  Matter
3. Atoms and the Periodic Table
4. Chemical Bonding and Reactions
5. Energy and Heat
6.  Work, Force and Motion
7. Waves
8. Electricity and Magnetism