In the folder that is Listed as ELearning and Review for COVID-19, you will find some material for review. The documents in this folder are practice of preciously taught concepts.  None of the items are requires to be done, but they are a great way to stay current until we return to school!  If you have any questions as you work through the material, email me!  Thank you!!!


NOTES and Resources



SOL 8.5Find the Missing Angle

Angle Relationships Playlist

ixl.comO.13 O.14

Pg 96-101 Adjacent & Vertical Angles
Pg 102-107 Complementary & Supplementary

SOL 8.7Dilate, Translate, Reflect

Transformations Playlist Q.1 Q.2 Q.3 Q.4 P.4 P.6 P.7 P.8 P.9

Pg 49-53 Translate
Pg 55-59 Reflect
Pg 80-86 Dilate

SOL 8.83-D Shapes

NCTM Isometric Drawing Tool


Pg 282-287 3-D Shapes


The is the Page for all Pre-Algebra assignments and information.  In each unit folder below you will find unit guides, assignments, and blank notes.