This is not just an online dictionary! It also has cool word games and other activities, and you can use it to look up unfamiliar words.

This is a great website to find interesting articles to read about many different subjects.  You can choose the reading level that best fits your ability, and you can even translate some of the articles into Spanish.

This website has so many great offerings.  There are interesting articles to read about fascinating animals and interesting places, activities to do, and games to play.

****You also have access to some great resources through our library/media center data bases. 

One that is great for many hours of learning is Britannica Digital Learning. Here are the directions to access the fabulous site.

Go to MMS Home Page

Clink on Student Tab at the top of page

Clink on weblinks, then click on library/media center link on the left-hand side of the page

Clink on Databases link on left-hand side of the page

Clink on Britannica School (user name: mms         password: bulldogs)

Then click on middle for your level.

Now, go exploring!!! I think you will find hours of interesting things to read and do on this site!