Week of June 8-12

I cannot believe that the last week of the school year is finally here. This is definitely not how I anticipated we would end this year. I am beyond proud of each and every one of you and have completely missed you all. 

For this week I have a survey for you all to fill out as your last activity. Some of the questions may not relate since you will not be returning to music, but please fill out the rest of the questions to the best of your ability. 

I will be leaving Flipgrid open over the summer if you want to play anything for me. I would love to hear it. Continue to check out ways you can advance in your guitar playing. 

I am not sure who will be teaching 8th grade guitar next year. In preparation, if Ms. Fairbank teaches the course, she will continue to use our current book. If I teach the course I will be using "Essential Elements for Guitar" as our book. 

As I receive information for summer activities I will post them on my website. Check back when you can.

Take care and I anticipate when I will get to see all of you again next school year,

Mrs. Bowers

End-of-Year Survey


Week of May 26-29
Happy Memorial Day Guitar Families,

Hope this day finds you all well and getting a little needed relaxation. I am sending this today because I will be unable to do so tomorrow.  

This week I have an activity that will release tomorrow morning: Play Hoop Shoot Rhythms. Upload a pic of your best final score to Teams to let me know you played.  

We will not have a zoom meeting this week and will not have a Gimkit game on Tuesday (as I will be at school receiving school rented orchestra instruments back). We will play our Gimkit game on Friday.  

Remember that I opened up all of the previous activities and assignments in Teams for you to go back and complete if you have not done so already. Also, continue to check SmartMusic for activities. 

Have a great day and talk with you soon, 
Mrs. Bowers

Week of May 18-22

Hope you are all enjoying the weather. I know that I have been enjoying having my windows open and feeling the breeze blow through my house.

Hopefully some of you were able to go back and work on some of the previous assignments and activities I have put up since March 13. Everyone should now have access in Teams. Those items are also doubled in flipgrid. There are also a few new items for folks in SmartMusic this week. Go take a look. And for SmartMusic I have seen the practice time increase since our last zoom meeting when I showed you all how to do so. So, before you submit any activity in SmartMusic, I do ask that you practice first. 

Tomorrow, we will do another short Zoom check-in. We will talk a little about the activities online for you as well as the previous activities that still need to be completed. Also, during our Zoom meeting we will be playing a game or 2 where I will be able to share my screen in order to play the game. Which means, we will NOT have a Gimkit game tomorrow afternoon. We will still have a game on Friday.

I do want to talk about the online games for a moment. For the first time since March 17 when I started hosting the music games we had a student enter an inappropriate name. I had to turn the game off as I could not kick that student out of the game (they kept popping back in). If we had a problem again with students entering inappropriate names I will not be able to host live games anymore. I will send out a link where you can play the game on your own, by yourself. So, please be mindful also that this is still a school sanctioned activity even though you are at home. I appreciate your cooperation to ensure we can continue to have a little fun while learning.

I will send out the Zoom information this afternoon for tomorrow meeting and will put it in Teams.

I cannot wait to see everyone tomorrow morning for our quick check-in and tour. I hope you are all doing well.

Have a great Monday,

Mrs. Bowers

Zoom Meeting Times
7th Guitar - 9:20-9:40 a.m.

Week of May 11-15

I hope you are all well this week. Last week I put up a "May the 4th Be With You" chrome lab activity. I heard some really awesome renditions of the Star Wars Theme & Imperial March. And, I put up a playing review activity from music we previously played this year.

Today I have updated all of the assignments and activities in Teams that have been assigned since March 14, 2020. If you did not get the chance to work on those assignments you now can go back and complete them. Let me know if I can help at all.

This week students will also have a fun activity to find poor instrument stock pictures online and to correct them by taking their own picture. It will post tomorrow, May 12, 2020. 

I also wanted to remind 6th & 7th grade students and parents that if you have not chosen your elective choice for next year you need to do so. Mrs. Wark from the counseling office let me know that there were a large number of students that have not chosen yet. So, below I have a link you can click to fill out the selection form. If you have done so already, thank you.

We will not zoom meet this week. But, we will play a Gimkit Friday only @ 1:30 this week. No Tuesday Gimkit.

Have a great week ahead,

Mrs. Bowers

Rising 8th Grade Course Request Form Link

Rising 7th Grade Course Request Form Link

Week of May 4-8

May the 4th Be With You! For this week there will be a few items students can work on. Of course they can all make sure they have completed the activities that have been assigned up to this point. Remember that assignments are being posted in Teams (I also included the same assignments in Flipgrid). I also have some activities in SmartMusic. Watch out tomorrow for a fantastically creative Star Wars activity. I can't wait to hear what some of you come up with. Also, tomorrow we will travel back to the first 9 weeks with an activity we completed back then.

Tomorrow, we will do another short Zoom check-in. It will be the same times as last time, listed below. Remember that these check-ins are optional and not required. But it is a great time to let me know how the activities are going. During this zoom I will be showing students how to navigate through SmartMusic and Teams. I will post the invites this afternoon in Teams & email for the morning. 

Now that the 3rd nine week grades are complete if a student would like to try to improve their overall grade, students may choose to retake or improve their playing assessments from throughout the year. The work students complete will be taken into account to help do so. I have reopened old flipgrid assignments for students to post their retakes. I will also post a Flipgrid for any student who would like to play something and have me give them feedback. 

I cannot wait to see everyone tomorrow morning for our quick check-in and tour. I hope you are all doing well.

Zoom Meeting Time
7th Guitar - 9:20-9:40 a.m.


Week of April 27-May 1

Hope you all are still doing well. Reminder that we will not be doing a Zoom meeting tomorrow. New activities will be posted tomorrow, Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The M-U-S-I-C bingo is due today. I hope some of you had the chance to do a few of those boxes. Even if you didn't complete the whole thing, send to me how many items you finished. I have loved what I have seen already.

All classes will be able to play a game called "Music Racer". You can choose to play identifying "Note names", "Fingerings" or "Music Terms 101". (Guitar students please choose treble clef for note names and it unfortunately does not have guitar fingerings). Try to see how far you can get in to game. and report in Teams your highest score.  

All classes - please visit SmartMusic for the most recent playing activities. I am going to publish another tutorial video this week showing you how to move around SmartMusic WITHOUT completing an assignment. There are so many things you can do in SmartMusic that does not require you to complete an assignment and I will show you how. 

Many of the activities in SmartMusic have passed date. I am going to reassign many of those so you can keep working on them if you didn't finish them. If you completed it, you can move on to the other activities.

7th Gr. Guitar - In SmartMusic I have been putting up review activities from the E & B string for you to practice. Those that have already completed them have done a great job. Keep it up.

Did anyone create a Gimkit? If you did let me know. We will play 1 game (because you have other classes, too) tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 if you want to participate. I will send the code out in MS Teams for all students shortly before the games starts. So log on and be ready to play. If no one made up a game it will just be music terminology.

Thank you for all you have done so far. I miss all of you and hope you are all doing well. Let me know if you need anything or any help.

Have a great week,

Mrs. Bowers

Week of April 20-24

Tomorrow (Tuesday, April 21, 2020) I am hosting 20-minute check ins with all of my classes. You will get your specific class code this evening for tomorrow morning. Below (and attached) are a couple of rules to remember with our meeting. First and foremost, this is meant to be a quick informational meeting. We can chat for a few minutes and then I will let you know how to access all of the class information and how to turn in work. This is not time to ask a ton of questions as I have allotted 20 minutes for each of my sections. If you have a question I was not able to answer, please put a post here, a DM here in Teams or email me. I will get back to you pretty quick. Also, remember that any work due before March 13 will be due this Friday, April 24, 2020. So please check StudentVue for the most up-to-date information regarding your grade. As you send me your assignments I am inputting them as quick as I can. 
Also, don't forget about SmartMusic. I am happy to give students this opportunity to use a great online program. The program has your songs and assignments loaded into the program. You even have the option to explore other songs that you may not have had the opportunity to play, yet but have always wanted to. Go to Teams or the Files section of the orchestra/guitar website to get started.
Remember, if you record an assignment in flipgrid, SmartMusic or Teams, you do not have to re-record in another location. I will find it and evaluate it from those locations.
I will release your new assignments for each week on Tuesday morning. Check in Teams in the "Assignments" tab. If you are unable to access Teams, I have also been placing the same material on the Orchestra/guitar website in the Files section for quick access. But if you do the work from the website you will need to email me with the completed work. 
Also, remember that your mental health is the most important thing right now. All of these assignments after March 13 are optional. So, don't feel pressured to do the work. Do what you can when you can. And remember that I am a message or email away. Let me know what you need and I will see what I can do to help you. (Office hours are Thursday afternoons from 1:30-3:00). 
Thank you and I hope everyone is staying safe during this time,
Mrs. Bowers

Please view this video on how to navigate Microsoft Teams for Guitar.
How to Navigate TEAMS.mp4

Week of April 14-17

Hello 7th Grade Guitar. So, this week we start our virtual classroom. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride. This first week back will be a tutorial week. Remember that I will be using Teams to put up your work to complete. But, this first week back I just want you all to become familiar with the programs we will be using; TEAMS, Class Notebook and Flipgrid.

In TEAMS you will find your first assignment to complete for this week. I want you to get to know where different items are located so I will be putting up an instruction sheet to follow and complete. Be on the lookout for the assignment tomorrow (Tuesday, April 14, 2020).

All in One Place

In the DOCUMENTS section below please find a direct link to your students Microsoft Teams page. Students will need to use their Office 365 login from school. If students already know how to get to their email then they can click on the "waffle" in the upper left hand corner and choose TEAMS from that menu, as well. Students can find activities and assignments posted there. 

If anyone is having trouble accessing their Office 365 account, please visit the

If you still have any issues, please let me know and I will see what I can do to help.
Mrs. Bowers

Instrumental Music SOL's Covered and Worked On

Music SOL's are not the same as core subjects. We are working on multiple strands on a daily basis. Mastery in these SOL's is also ongoing and students progressing toward mastery.

MG.1         The student will echo, read, and notate music, including
1.     identifying, defining, and using basic standard notation for pitch, rhythm, meter, articulation, dynamics, and other elements of music
2.     using chord charts;
3.     using guitar tablature; and
4.     singing lines selected from music being studied.
MG.2         The student will echo, read, and perform rhythms and rhythmic patterns, including whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, dotted half notes, dotted quarter notes, and corresponding rests.
MG.3         The student will identify, read, and perform music in simple meters (    C).
MG.4         The student will read, notate, and perform scales and chords, including
1.     one-octave ascending and descending C, G, and D major scales; A, D, and E natural minor scales; a chromatic scale;
2.     one form of the moveable, one-octave pentatonic scale;
3.     D, D7, Dm, A, A7, Am, E, Em, G, G7, C, C7, and F chords; and
4.     a I-IV-V7-I chord progression in the keys of C, G, D, and A major, and A minor.
MG.5         The student will identify and perform music written in binary and strophic forms.
MG.6         The student will use music composition as a means of expression by
1.     composing a four-measure rhythmic-melodic variation; and
2.     notating the composition in standard notation, using contemporary technology.
MG.7         The student will define and apply music terminology found in the music literature being studied.
MG.8         The student will demonstrate preparatory instrumental basics and playing procedures, including
1.     identification of the parts of the instrument;
2.     procedures for care of the instrument;
3.     proper playing posture and instrument position;
4.     proper left-hand and right-hand positions; and
5.     tuning of the instrument, with and without an electronic tuner.
MG.9         The student will demonstrate proper guitar techniques, including
1.     production of clear tone;
2.     right-hand techniques (finger style, pick style); and'
3.     left-hand techniques (first position, finger technique).
MG.10       The student will demonstrate ensemble skills at a beginning level, including
1.     blending and balancing;
2.     making adjustments to facilitate correct intonation;
3.     matching dynamic levels and playing style;
4.     responding to conducting patterns and gestures; and
5.     maintaining a steady beat at various tempos in the music literature being studied.
MG.11       The student will read and interpret standard music notation and tablature while performing music of varying styles and levels of difficulty.
MG.12       The student will begin to use articulations, dynamic contrasts, and phrasing as means of expression.
MG.13       The student will perform and improvise simple rhythmic and melodic examples in call-and-response styles.
MG.14       The student will improvise rhythmic variations of four-measure excerpts taken from folk songs, exercises, or etudes.
MG.15       The student will demonstrate musicianship and personal engagement by
1.     identifying the characteristic sound of the guitar;
2.     monitoring individual practice through the use of practice records or journals that identify specific musical goals;
3.     participating in school performances; and
4.     describing and demonstrating rehearsal and concert etiquette as a performer (e.g., using critical aural skills, following conducting gestures, maintaining attention in rest position).
MG.16       The student will sight-read music of varying styles and levels of difficulty.
MG.17       The student will explore historical and cultural aspects of music by
1.     identifying the cultures, musical styles, composers, and historical periods associated with the music literature being studied;
2.     describing ways in which culture and technology influence the development of instruments, instrumental music, and instrumental music styles;
3.     describing the relationship of instrumental music to the other fine arts and other fields of knowledge;
4.     describing career options in music;
5.     describing ethical standards as applied to the use of social media and copyrighted materials; and
6.     demonstrating concert etiquette as an active listener.
MG.18       The student will analyze and evaluate music by
1.     describing the importance of cultural influences and historical context for the interpretation of works of music;
2.     describing and interpreting works of music, using inquiry skills and music terminology;
3.     describing accepted criteria used for evaluating works of music;
4.     describing performances of music, using music terminology; and
5.     describing accepted criteria used for critiquing musical performances of self and others.
MG.19       The student will investigate aesthetic concepts related to music by
1.     proposing a definition of music and supporting that definition;
2.     describing aesthetic criteria used for determining the quality of a work of music or importance of a musical style;
3.     identifying reasons for preferences among works of music, using music terminology; and
4.     identifying ways in which music evokes sensory, emotional, and intellectual responses, including ways in which music can be persuasive.



Do you Have any work you still need to complete or turn in?
If you have any practice charts or work you still have not turned, please make sure I get those soon. I want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to be up-to-date. This includes playing the G-C-D7-G chord for me.

Go on over to Microsoft Teams and get those items turned in. Come ask any questions, if you need. StudentVue should be up-to-date except for any charts turned in today.

I miss you all and hope you are all staying healthy in all of this. Come chat, if you need.


Here's Some help for Tuning Your guitar from home

Below I have a link to a YouTube video that would help you be able to tune your guitar without a tuner. 

Also, don't forget to check into Microsoft Teams for optional assignments, helpful worksheets in the FILES section and much more. Go check it out when you get a chance.

Tune Your Acoustic Guitar WITHOUT a Tuner

Distant Learning Update
As I am sure many of you have read from the many PWC updates this next week students will be offered activities that will help reinforce what was previously taught and no new assignments or material will be taught. 

So, the guitar class had just started working playing chords. Students should turn to the last page in their book to work on playing chords. We started with the G - C - D7 - G. 

If students have not done so, yet we are going to be using Flipgrid for allowing students to submit videos of themselves playing the chords. The students who were at school on Friday, March 13 played the chords for me in class. Students can record a video of themselves playing the chords and no other student will see the video. Just Mrs. Bowers.

I will post more items as we move through the week. Check back for more. Also, check in the FILES & DOCUMENTS section of the website for some online music games the students can play to help reinforce note-reading and rhythms.

Thank you for your patience in this time as we figure this distant learning format together.

Also, I may host a few online music games this week starting Tuesday. If I do, I will email out the code for students to join in. 

Have a great week and I hope you are all doing well. I miss you and hope I do get to see you soon,
Mrs. Bowers

7th Grade Orchestra Students - Update

I am currently working on how we are going to do assignments next week. In this time of Distance Learning we have programs we can use to help keep us up-to-date with each other (Flipgrid is one).

Stay tuned for more information about using this program next week.

Continue to stay safe and healthy and I will talk with you all soon.
Mrs. Bowers

P.S. - I tried starting to use Microsoft Teams. Check out our page when you get a chance.

Working on Distant Learning Activities

I am sure many of you are not sure of what "distant learning" will entail, yet. To be honest, neither do I just yet. But, I am currently working on what that means for the performing class such as guitar. 

I will be sending out email updates but also posting items on this site weekly. Practicing should not stop just because we are out. Students will still have the ability to submit their practice charts online just as they have been able to do all year long. We will try to use Flipgrid for those families that have internet access. 

Those students that left their instruments at school we I will work on figuring out how you can still participate (as there were many instruments left in the building on Friday afternoon).

Everyone needs to take care of themselves and I really cannot wait to see you all on April 14. 
Mrs. Bowers


Practice Charts Started this Week


This past week the guitar classes 1st practice chart was due. Most students did a really nice job. Students are to make sure they are trying to practice 90 minutes per week (and a minimum of 3 days for an A). Students should be practicing class material but may also practice other material they may be working on, as well.

I was most impressed with their amount of progress this past week. So, the practicing is working. Keep it up!

Below find a link to download your own copy of the practice chart if students happen to misplace them.

3rd GP PC - 20 - Guitar.docx

Complete Assessments by Friday, January 2020

All guitar students need to ensure that they are caught up on all of their playing quizzes,
tests or retakes before the end of next week. There are a few students that were not prepared to quiz in class when I came around and need to make sure they complete those assessments by Friday, January 24, 2020. You can make arrangements to complete those assessments before or after school or during your lunch. 

In guitar we are currently working on playing and reading notes for the first 3 strings; E, B and G. Guitar students are encouraged to practice at home so they are able to keep up in class.

All guitar students need a book for class:

7th Grade Guitar Book - Guitar Method 1 2nd Edition, by Aaron Stang
Guitar Method I 2nd Edition book by Aaron Stang
You can order this book online and a few of the area music stores do carry it. I will not be providing any more photocopies from the book after this week. Students really need to have their own book so they are able to use them at home and write in them as needed.

Thank you for your attention to this message and happy practicing at home,
Mrs. Bowers



Welcome to Marsteller 7th Grade Guitar

I am so excited to meet all of the new 7th grade guitar students. We were able to chat about guitar class and even played a game of BINGO.

I wanted to make sure guitar families were aware that Marsteller does not own guitars to rent to students. Students will need to provide their own guitar. All guitars should be acoustic, not electric. Also, all guitars must have a carrying case of some sort (whether padded cloth or hard case). Students will be transporting guitars often too and from school and need to be able to carry their guitar by themselves easily. So when you choose a case keep that in mind.

Below you will see a picture of the guitar book the students will need. 

Students do not need their guitars for class this week.

I can't wait to get started playing in class.
Mrs. Bowers

Guitar Supplies

7th Grade Guitar Book - Guitar Method 1 2nd Edition, by Aaron Stang
Guitar Method I 2nd Edition book by Aaron Stang



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