September 2020 - Back to School



Welcome to Marsteller Guitar

I am so excited to meet all of the guitar students.

I wanted to make sure guitar families were aware that Marsteller does not own guitars to rent to students. Students will need to provide their own guitar. All guitars should be acoustic, not electric. Also, all guitars must have a carrying case of some sort (whether padded cloth or hard case). Students will be transporting guitars often too and from school and need to be able to carry their guitar by themselves easily. So when you choose a case keep that in mind. 

Below you will see a picture of the guitar book the students will need. 

Students do not need their guitars for class this week.

I can't wait to get started playing in class.
Mrs. Bowers

Guitar Supplies

  • Guitar – with carrying case. (No guitars to school without a case, please)
  • Dusting cloth
  • Pencil
  • Music books - Essential Elements for Guitar
  • Folder
  • Tuner or Tuning App on your device
  • OPTIONAL - extra set of strings on hand in case one breaks (especially E, B and G)

Guitar Book - Essential Elements for Guitar

Essential Elements for Guitar



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