Pack it all In: Landscape

Drawing: a form of visual art in which a person uses various drawing instruments to mark paper or another two-dimensional medium.
Perspective: create an illusion of space and depth on a flat surface (or the picture plane).
Horizon Line: a horizontal line that runs across the paper or canvas to represent where the sky meets the ground.
Atmospheric Perspective: refers to the technique of creating an illusion of depth by depicting distant objects as paler, less detailed, and usually bluer than near objects.
Overlapping: a method artists use to create the illusion of depth.

Scale: refers to the size of an object in relationship to another object.
Foreground: the ground represented in the front; the portion of a scene nearest to the viewer.
Background: the part of a picture that is farthest from the viewer : or the part of a scene that is behind a main figure or object in a drawing.

Materials: 18x24 80# white drawing paper, HB pencil, ruler and color pencils.

Objective: The student will exercise increasing skill and control in the use of media and techniques.
For this project to be complete you must have all objects listed below in your project. You may all add more if you wish. 
The project should look realistic and have a traditional landscape composition.  (Foreground, background, perspective)
Plan in advance, draw your composition lightly with your HB pencil first.
Your project should encompass the entire page.
Use the coloring rubric at the back of class to guide your coloring techniques.
Follow your imagination and be creative.
40 items to be included: (all minimums)
1) 3 mountains
2) 3 clouds
3) A hill
4) A forest
5) A road
6) A sidewalk 
7) 5 telephone poles
8) A fire hydrant
9) A bridge
10) A field ( crops, sports )
11) 3 rocks
12) A river, stream or creek
13) 3 houses
14) A house with open window
15) A clothes line with clothes
16) 2 mailboxes
17) 2 TV antennas or satellite dishes
18) A garbage can
19) A garden with flowers
20) A fence
21) 5 trees (all different)
22) A bush
23) A dirt or gravel path 
24) 3 dogs
25) 2 cats
26) 5 birds (not ducks)
27) 2 ducks
28) A horse
29) A frog 
30) A bug
31) A worm
32) 2 adults (noticeably larger than children) 
33) 2 children
34) A crowd of people (at least 3 more)
35) A ball
36) A wagon
37) A bicycle
38) 2 cars
39) An airplane
40) A hot air balloon

(actually there are 69)
Sketchbook Assignment #9:  Rhythm & Movement

Objective: To create a collage that demonstrates the students understanding of a landscape or 
a seascape including using designs that look like they have movement.

Materials: Colored construction paper, glue and your hands.

Take some time to plan out your “scape” will there be mountains, fields, woods, 
a river, a winding road, cows or a sailboat, a sunset, an island, fish, birds, waves anything that makes you design look realistic.
Look at the colors of the construction papers, what will work best with your ideas.
Now the hard part… every piece of paper you put on your project you MUST tear using just your hands. You will have to experiment with different techniques of tearing and gluing, find out what works best for you. Also be careful with the glue.
Finally, think about adding some little fun things like: a beach umbrella, hot air balloon or maybe a mythical creature.