Chorus Activity #7   Week of June 1

For you final chorus activity, we invite you to engage in a chorus meme competition. The categories include:

  • Best music related meme
  • Best use of a chorus song lyric
  • Best use of a chorus or singing rule
  • Best roast of a choir section
  • Best roast of Ms. Phelan or Mr. Keirstead (not cruel)
  • A meme that makes us go “Aww!”

Feel free to search Google images for examples, but make sure that your meme(s) are Marsteller related.

Submit as many entries as you wish.

Your meme is due Tuesday, June 9th.



School Closing

My Dearest Students, 

     It is with a very heavy heart that I write this letter. I am sure you are aware by now, our Virginia Governor has closed school for the remainder of the year. Even though I know that it is the right decision, my heart is troubled over the thought of not being with you.  I love being your director!  

     We may not get to gather in our little choir room every day, but together or not, we are still a chorUS! I am your teacher and will continue to be. Reach out to me in whatever capacity you need. I’m here for you! Please take the time as well to reach out to one another. I love that our choir is a family. Check in on your “brothers and sisters”. You are all great with technology. Use it now to share a smile, a laugh, a word of encouragement, a song.   

     There are a lot of restrictions being placed on all of us right now, but remember, music has not been cancelled. Singing has not been cancelled. Family has not been cancelled. Friendship has not been cancelled. Laughing has not been cancelled. Hope has not been cancelled. Embrace all the wonders and joy in life that still remain. There are many! 

     Lastly, don’t forget who you are. You are an artist! You and I are the ones who know best how to raise our voice to bring light in the darkness, joy in mourning, strength in weakness and peace and hope in despair. Let your voice be heard! You have a song to sing! Now is the time to share it.      

     I know you will continue to make me proud. My thoughts, prayers and well wishes are with you and your families. Please take me along with you in your hearts. I love you all!                                                                                                                                           Ms. Phelan

Star Spangled Banner Assignment 

     For those of you who have not yet completed the creation of your Star Spangled Banner book, the assignment is reposted for you below. Click on the file folder labeled "Star Spangled Banner" to open it. In lieu of the school closing, you may complete the assignment via a PowerPoint presentation, or still create a book and scan it me or mail it to me at: 9000 Mike Garcia Drive #116 Manassas, VA 20109.  Just remember that it has to reach me by April 24.  I look forward to your creations. 


Instructional Calendar 
   To view the Chorus SOLs and see what we've already accomplished this year, take a look at the PDF below in the file section. The color-coding is Green for ongoing, Blue for completed, and Red for still needs to be taught. 


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