MONDAY, JUNE 8: Final Drawing

Your final assignment for this school year is about giving advice to incoming eighth grade students for next year. Your assignment can be in the form of a drawing, a drawing with words or word art. The lesson is in the file with today’s date, June 8. You will need paper and a pencil and whatever coloring supplies you have at home. Have fun!

MONDAY, JUNE 1: Observational Drawing

This week's assignment is to go outside and create an observational drawing. The lesson is in the power point file with today's date, June 1. Please read through the entire power point presentation and look at the examples. You will need a sketchbook (or paper and something to lean on) and a pencil. Have fun and enjoy the outdoors, providing the weather is nice.

MONDAY, MAY 18: Quarantine Blues Drawing
This week's assignment is to create a drawing about what you miss most from being in quarantine. The lesson is in the file with today's date, May 18. Please read through the directions first. You will need a sketchbook/drawing paper, a pencil and whatever coloring supplies you have. Be creative and have fun!!

Aluminum Foil Sculpture
This week you will be working with the element of form and creating an aluminum foil sculpture. The lesson is in the power point file with the date of May 11. Please read through the entire power point first. There are links to videos that show you how to create your sculpture, so please watch them. You will need aluminum foil and scissors for this project. Be creative and have fun!

Pen & Ink Drawing Part 2
This week you will be creating a drawing and using your pen to add value. The lesson is in the file with the date of May 4. Please read through the entire lesson and look at the student examples. You will be lightly sketching your drawing in pencil and adding value with pen using any of the techniques from last week. Take your time and have fun! This drawing does not need to be completed in one sitting...take breaks!

Pen & Ink Drawing
You will be using a pen to draw and show value. In the past you have used a pencil to draw and add value. Some of the value techniques you might have used were hatching, cross-hatching and stippling. You will need a pen or fine-point marker and paper. The lesson is in the document container with today's date, April 27. Please read through the entire power point lesson before you start drawing. You can print the value scale page and fruit page. Email me with any questions that you may have.

  Name Design Project
You will be creating a design with the letters of your name. You will need a pencil, paper, and coloring supplies are optional. The lesson file is posted in the document container on the bottom of this page. Finished work can be sent to my email address. Have fun!


Links to online art activities that were recommended by the PWCS Office of Student Learning are posted in the document container on this page. These are for your enjoyment and are NOT graded activities.

The standards that were covered for Quarter 3 are as follows: 8.1 Sketchbook Drawings, 8.1, 8.8.10, 8.8.11, 8.8.2 Keith Haring Inspired Relief Prints, 8.11 Potter's Wheel Project, and the last project we left off with 8.3, 8.6.1, 8.9.1, 8.1.3 Three- Point Perspective Checkerboard Design.

The eighth grade Art curriculum is a continued development of art knowledge, skills, techniques and vocabulary. Students will be expected to use the language of art through artist statements, reflections and critiques. 

The following units will be covered during the semester long Art course. However, the times/length of units are approximate and classes may be affected due to holidays/vacations, inclement weather and field trips.  
DRAWING: Sketchbooks (10 days), Perspective (15 days), Pen & Ink (5 days), Zentangle (5 days), SCULPTURE: Ceramics/handbuilding (12 days), Ceramics/wheel throwing (1 day per groups of three), Wire/Paper Mache (15 days), PRINTMAKING: Linoleum Block Print (12 days), PAINTING: Color Intensity Wheel (5 days), Non-Objective Acrylic Painting (7 days), PHOTOGRAPHY: Forced Perspective Photo (4 days).

Initial value
image: 3-point perspective checkerboard with floating checkerboard circlesimage: wheel thrown bowlsimage: pen and ink drawing of a frogimage: oil pastel drawing of pumpkins, corn and applesimage: whimsical male clay figureimage: non-objective colorful painting