The eighth grade Art curriculum is a continued development of art knowledge, skills, techniques and vocabulary. Students will be expected to use the language of art through artist statements, reflections and critiques. 

The following units will be covered during the semester long Art course. However, the times/length of units are approximate and classes may be affected due to holidays/vacations, inclement weather and field trips.  
DRAWING: Sketchbooks (10 days), Perspective (15 days), Pen & Ink (5 days), Zentangle (5 days), SCULPTURE: Ceramics/handbuilding (12 days), Ceramics/wheel throwing (1 day per groups of three), Wire/Paper Mache (15 days), PRINTMAKING: Linoleum Block Print (12 days), PAINTING: Color Intensity Wheel (5 days), Non-Objective Acrylic Painting (7 days), PHOTOGRAPHY: Forced Perspective Photo (4 days).