The sixth grade Art curriculum emphasizes 'exploration' using the Elements of Art as a framework. Students will explore various 2-D and 3-D media using expressive and technical approaches. In addition to their art production, students will become familiar with specific artists and styles of art. Students will also learn to express their thoughts about Art, as well as describe their own work through artist statements.

The following units will be covered during the nine week Art course. However, the times/length of units are approximate and classes may be affected due to holidays/vacations, inclement weather and field trips. 
SCULPTURE: 3-D Paper Masks (6 days), Ceramics/Clay (10 days), DRAWING: Sketchbooks (6 days), Gesture (2 days), Drawing with Value (5 days), Perspective (3 days), PAINTING: Color Mixing( 6 days), Painting Project (6 days).

image: ceramic snowmenimage: blue 3-D paper maskimage: ceramic leaf plate with yellow-orange and brown colorsimage: still life pencil drawing of a glass bottle and two apples