The following describes our SIGNET program of services when we are at the Marsteller Middle School building.  Additional information about the program can be found on the PWCS SIGNET webpage.  Optional activities are offered on the SIGNET main page for student use while we are learning from home. 

SIGNET the Gifted and Talented program at Marsteller and is an acronym for Schools Involved in Gifted Needs of Education Today. The goals of SIGNET are:

* Allow students to explore different approaches to solving problems
* Encourage students to explore higher levels of thinking skills emphasizing analysis, synthesis and evaluation
* Develop student products with originality, flexibility, fluency and elaboration
* Foster student development as a self-disciplined, self-motivated individual
* Require students to develop skills of metacognition

The 6th and 7th-Grade SIGNET students will be serviced on the Arts Rotation Wheel.  They will attend the SIGNET class every day for 50 minutes during their designated 9 -week quarters.   In addition, they will attend SIGNET on a rotating schedule during their FLEX time for the duration of the school year. 

The 6th-Grade students will work in teams of 2-3 on a multi-disciplined project-based learning unit where they research and create a dream zoo. Details about the project and SOLs supported can be found in the 6th-grade unit plan attached to our MMS SIGNET main page. 

The 7th-Grade students will be learning about Survival techniques and will work collaboratively to resolve emergency situations.  They will work with object which will help with survival using interpersonal and rational problem-solving skills.  Topics to be covered in the Unit are:  Subarctic Survival, Cascade Mountain Survival and Desert Survival.

The 8th-Grade students will research a famous occurrence, scene or pop culture phenomenon which can be a historic, current or future event.  They will construct a diorama by using marshmallow Peeps for the characters of their chosen topic. 

Dr. Adkins meets with 6th-grade during Encore time.  Mrs. Lilley/Mrs. Miller (Teacher Assistant) meets with the 7th-grade during their Encore time.  

7th and 8th-grade SIGNET students meet with Mrs. Lilley on the following days and times:
Monday- Friday– 7th grade ENCORE Schedule
11:21-12:09 (5th Period)
12:13-1:01 (6th Period)

Monday - Wednesday-8th Grade
8:15-9:06 (1st Period)
9:10-9:57 (2nd Period)
10:01-10:48 (3rd Period)

FLEX Schedule:
10:52-11:17 daily

6th-grade SIGNET students meet with Dr. Adkins on the following days and times:
Monday-Friday - 6th-grade ENCORE Schedule
1:32-2:11 Period 7
2:15-2:55  Period 8

6th-grade FLEX schedule:
7th-grade FLEX schedule with Dr. Adkins: 10:01-10:23 
Additionally, Dr. Adkins works with classroom teachers with push-in services on a flexible schedule the remainder of the day.
Below is the list of choice centers that are offered in the SIGNET classroom after completion of the unit:

Individual Study Centers at Marsteller Middle School
Castles – Students will create an architectural design for a castle based on authentic medieval models. Once planned, the student’s work will be spied upon and attacked by raiding parties from other students. Opportunities for continuous improvement on the design will be amply provided. SOL’s: Spatial Relations/Geometry, History, Geography, Government problem solving, Theme Writing
Drawing For Fun - Students will create computer graphics and animation projects. SOL’s: Spatial Relations, Visual Communications and Procedures
Computer Art and Graphics - Students will learn how artists use paint tools in creating computer-generated graphics. SOL’s – Comp Tech
Independent Study – 7th and 8th grade students are encouraged to create a proposal to study in an area of their own interest with a final product to be presented to a variety of experts in the chosen subject. The students should request a form at the Center. SOL’s – Internet Management ProcessM
Myths – Students will analyze myths by comparing and contrasting the Greek myths with mythology around the world. SOL’s – Social Studies, Multicultural Awareness
ER Doctor – (Modern Medicine) Students will choose an area of medical specialization such as pediatrics, cardiology or neurology. After researching the causes and symptoms of major disease and disorders, the specialists will attempt to diagnose patients using interactive software. SOL’s Biology, History, Problem solving
Veterinary Science - Students will analyze the qualities and skills of a successful veterinarian. SOL’s Biology, History, Problem Solving
Origami – The students will investigate the history of origami and create three dimensional objects using origami paper. SOL’s – English, Social studies, Computer technology, Math
Fibonacci Fun – The students will use math skills to explore the Fibonacci number sequence and the golden ratio. SOL’s Geometric patterns, Graphing ordered pairs
Advertising – The student will be able to identify persuasive messages in non-print media, television, radio and films. SOL’s - Analyzing relationships, synthesizing, describing and evaluating SOL’s – Assemble models, Read from a variety of sources
Fashion Frenzy – The students will investigate the history of fashion design. SOL’s – English, Computer Technology,
Digital Photography– The students will use a digital camera to explore the topic of photography. SOL’s – Spatial relations, Computer technology
Business Entrepreneurs – The students will start their own business and explore the fundamentals of being an entrepreneur. SOL’s - Business, Computer technology
Bridge Engineer – The student will investigate the topic of engineering and create a 3-D model of a bridge. SOL’s - Physics, Science
Roller Coaster Tycoon – Students will make and manage a roller coaster park and develop a coaster system understanding the physics of force, motion and energy. SOL’s – Economics
Engineering – The students will research the history of engineering and build a 3-D model. SOL’s – Physics, Science
Architectural Design – Students will study floor plans to determine trends, draw a plan and create a house plan which incorporates a personal architectural standard of their own. SOL’s - Physics, Spatial relationships, Geometry, Problem solving
Civilizations - The students will research the definition of a leader and their kingdom. SOL’s – Historical analysis
Vacations Unlimited – Students will research and simulate a trip using a set dollar amount for the particular vacation they are planning. SOL’s – Problem solving, Data analysis
Rubik’s Revenge – Students will use their math knowledge to create three-dimensional models. SOL’s – Scientific reasoning and Logic, Spatial relationships
Chess – Students will learn the names and strategies of the component pieces of the chess game. SOL’s – Logic, Problem solving, Data analysis
Criminology – Students will understand efforts of scientists and the developmental structure of DNA – SOL’s - Science
Folk Tales – Students will analyze characteristics of folk tales from around the world. SOL’s – Reading, Research, Writing
Duolingo - foreign language workshop
Art- Research and study the works of popular and historic artists
Anime & Manga - two different storytelling media. Both originate in Japan, and are closely related but are different.
Restaurant Design - All aspects of Restaurant operations, including design, layout and menu depending of style of dining. SOL’s – Logic, Problem solving, Data analysis
Sign language - American Sign language introduction.
Video Game Design/ Scratch - utilizing Code and Scratch to design a new or improved version of a video game. SOL’s – Logic, Problem solving, Data analysis
Sports Craze-  analyzing and reviewing current sports climate, to include salaries, rules, players rights, ownership, popularity.