Reading Strategies:
 • # paragraphs (on passage or on a piece of paper)
 • While reading, after each paragraph write the main idea or key word next to it 
• Use what you wrote next to each paragraph to write the main idea  
• Highlight where you found your answers/evidence to support your conclusions 
• For questions, don’t look at the answer choices.  
Think and write your answer then match
Make an organizer 
• Turn the prompt into your thesis statement (take out the word it is telling you to do, and there is your sentence starter) or (take out the question word, and the remainder of your sentence in the sentence starter)
• Thesis statement needs __, __, and __. 
• Thesis statement, detail paragraph  1, detail paragraph 2, detail paragraph 3, conclusion
Example: Doyou think you could go one month without using the Internet?
do not think I could go one month without using the internet because ___reason 1__, __reason 2__., and __reason 3__.  

Read Aloud: has audio has audio  has audio 

If you need assignments for any class read aloud, I highly recommend downloading an app called Microsoft Office Lens.  This app allows your child to take a picture of any worksheet (click on the document option before taking the picture) and then it can be sent to immersive reader once scanned. In immersive reader it will allow your child to have audio that they can control.  

Typing Accommodation: 
Another pro to the Office Lens app is that once you take a picture you can send it to Word or a PDF on the app and students can highlight, type, circle, draw etc. on the document.  They are then able to send the edited document to their teachers through email or One Drive.